Therrien must go

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Uncategorized
Michel Therrien

Michel Therrien driving to practice during training camp. From the pilot for the series 24CH. Photo courtesy of RDS.

Time waits for no one and it’s most certainly not waiting for Michel Therrien.

It’s time for Geoff Molson to step in because clearly Marc Bergevin doesn’t have the stuff to cut off his old pal Therrien. Time is up. He’s past his due date. He’s gotta be tossed overboard for the good of the team and the franchise.

The Canadiens are now officially out of the playoffs, sitting ugly (not pretty) in 10th place in the East – and that’s after a 9-and-0 start to the season. The Hab-nots are 4-16-1 in their last 21 games and are averaging less than two goals a game in that stretch.

The motto of this team is ‘no excuses’ but excuses are all that Therrien has been making for several weeks now. His prime excuse is, of course, the absence of Carey Price and yeah it hurts to lose your No. 1 goalie, especially when he just happens to be the best goalie in the world. But it’s still an excuse. I’m sorry but Ivy League rookie Mike Condon has done a heroic job.

The problem isn’t goaltending. It’s the rest of the team. The veterans have stopped played and it’s not much of a stretch from there to suggest they’ve given up on the coach. It’s all so reminiscent of what happened in Pittsburgh just before Therrien was fired there.

And what is Therrien doing to try to stop the bleeding? Playing the veterans til they drop and treating the young guys like crap. That’s the Therrien formula and it’s both unfair and inefficient. He plays Andrei Markov absurd minutes every game and every game we watch as the elderly D-man messes up. He even puts the Old Man out in a must-win 3-on-3 OT in St. Louis and watches as Markov single-handedly loses the game for us.

Then he attacks the fans for booing Markov. He has a point. The fans should be booing Therrien. Then there’s the whole Desharnais versus Galchenyuk thing. The kindly ol’ coach consistently gives wee Davey more minutes than Chucky even though DD has half the talent of Galchenyuk.

How do I really feel? He’s not a good coach, period. Is he the only problem? No. Stu Cowan is right. Bergevin deserves much of the blame. He’s signed four straight dud would-be scorers in Brière, Parenteau, Semin and Kassian and somehow the media has let him off the hook until now.

But Bergevin is not getting fired now. And yes there aren’t a million good French-speaking coaches out there to replace Mr. Personality but it doesn’t matter. You need to do something now before the playoffs are out of reach.

And there is one fellow who speaks the language of Lafleur who you might think of calling. He actually played with The Flower. His name is Larry Robinson. You’re welcome Marc. If you need his number, drop me a line.

  • Brendan Kelly

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