On Marc Bergevin, Carey Price and Condo

Posted: November 29, 2015 in Uncategorized


Habs fans are funny. The Canadiens blow a 2-0 lead against the New Jersey Devils with ten minutes to go Saturday night and when you suggest that shows signs of problems, the Habs’ faithful go medieval on you.

When I play for my beer-league team and we blow a two-goal lead with half a period to go, we all feel like shit in the dressing room afterwards.

I said Mike Condon should’ve had that shot with 20 seconds to go and he should’ve. Even Condo agrees.

“That’s a save I have to make for my team,” Condon said after the game. “So I’ll put that on me.”

But my Facebook haters-who-will-hate – just kidding boys! – are right. In the cold hard light of the morn, there is no reason to panic about the goalie situation. Condo’s numbers are fine but if I’m Marc Bergevin or Geoff Molson, I still would be worried about losing Carey Price for a month.

Now let’s have a chat about this. What is up with this bullshit about not telling us what’s wrong with our star players? The most famous guy in Quebec is poised to miss a big chunk of the season – could be two months, counting the previous weeks he was out – and we don’t even know what’s wrong with him.

Is it his knee, as Bob Cole said? I think this thing about refusing to discuss the health of players is wrong. Say it’s his knee, how does it hurt the Canadiens to tell us, assuming there is a League-wide directive that forces all teams to be open and honest about the injury situation of their team.

On to Marc Bergevin. Okay first-off, of course I like what he’s done with the team since taking over as general manager in May, 2012. Montreal is sitting at the summit of the League this morning and they’re clearly one of the League’s elite teams.

And he’s made some solid moves, notably picking up Jeff Petry, the Dutch Gretzky, Tomas ‘Flash’ Fleischmann, and Thomas Vanek for that run to the playoffs in 2014. But can we at least try to have a semblance of non-fandom when covering the Habs? Bergevin is not Sam Pollock. He’s not Stan Bowman. At least not yet.

There’s been some good Bergevin moves but many iffy ones too, including bringing lame ducks Daniel Brière, P.A. Parenteau, Zack Kassian and Alex (Fin de) Semin. But the biggest stain on Bergevin’s record is what happened in the summer of 2014 when he somehow wound up at an arbitration hearing facing off against his superstar P.K. Subban. We all know that it should have never degenerated to that level, that if Bergevin had signed him at the beginning of the summer it would’ve cost the team less and that, in short, the GM messed up.

Luckily the big boss, M. Molson, was on his game and quickly called Bergevin to order and told him to get P.K. signed.

Again I am well aware of all the good things Bergevin has done for the team but he’s made his mistakes too. And who signs a GM for seven years? Who knows where this team will be in three years never mind seven.

Yeah the good guys are in first place but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good honest chat over a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Let the gods strike me down (or the Canadiens’ thought police!).

  • Brendan Kelly

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