A night at the rink

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Thoughts after a night at the Bell Centre.

The great thing about being there is….the super expensive Molson beer. Okay enough kidding. No the fun is seeing the whole game not just what the TV crew wants you to see.

Sunday’s Montreal Canadiens Islanders tilt was another great game from the Dutch Gretzky. Did you see the set-up on the Desharnais goal? Dale Weise for Prime Minister.

Beauty of a winning goal from Galchenyuk but I was in a state of shock when they announced it was his third goal of the season and his first at the Bell Centre. What?

And the line of the night came from my old pal David Winch who had to endure my Bob Gainey stories all night – Fin de Semin. Brilliant. Not sure I’ve ever seen a softer player. Soft hands, soft everything else.

Carey Price just punching the clock on another 9-to-5 shift. He kept grabbing those pucks in his glove like he was swatting flies on a lazy summer afternoon.

And yeah we were in the Bob Gainey section right at the top of the bowl. Bob was looking over my shoulder as I told this story about…..oh I can’t tell that story now. Buy me a drink some night and I’ll give you the details.

And then Brendan Gallagher going down, blocking a crazy hard shot from Johnny Boychuk. He just staggered around the ice for a few seconds, before heading off in what looked like unbearable pain. After all those games fearlessly taking the hits right at the net, he’s finally brought down by a puck. Huge loss.

  • Brendan Kelly

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