Will the Habs ever lose a hockey game?

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

So with tongue-firmly-cheek – or was it as my detractors might say, with head-up-arsehole – that I suggested Friday night on the usual social-media networks that it was time for the Habs to lose a game. I may have written “This is getting stupid. 8-0. The winning streak is becoming a distraction. We need to focus. Throw the Leafs a bone.”

Now it appears my finely nuanced wit flew right over a few heads. So let me be clear for those in the cheap seats. I would love for my beloved Montreal Canadiens to go 82-and-0. But you know what, adds the party pooper. They’re going to lose a game this season and in all likelihood that loss will come this week when they head out for a road trip through western Canada. And if not then, it’ll be somewhere else.

But of course let’s whoop it up while we can. Yes as my pal Harm points out, Les Boys are roundly dominating the plus/minus standings in the league. Andrei Markov – who had five points in the Habs’ 7-2 trouncing of the Sabres Friday – leads the league with a plus-14, followed by P.K. Subban at 13, Max Pacioretty at 11, Tomas Plekanec at 10, and Brendan Gallagher at 8.

The plus-minus domination is pretty simple. The team is 8-0 and has 30 goals for and only nine against. So everyone on the team has pretty decent plus/minus numbers. It also suggests they have been getting pretty good goaltending, which is obviously true. Backup Mike Condon has looked great, including Friday in Buffalo when he kept the lads in the game when the Sabres were pressing in the first period. Note that the Sabres out-shot Montreal 36-26 on the night – and lost 7-2!

I can’t help thinking of what Ken Dryden wrote in his great book The Game about those epic Montreal Canadiens teams he played for in the ’70s – every night, they’d find a way to win. His point was that they’d have off nights but no matter how bad they played, someone would always step up to get them the W. Well actually the 2014-2015 Habs haven’t really had a bad night yet, with maybe the exception of that first game against the pumped-up Leafs where Carey Price had to save their bacon.

So yeah I’m ready to celebrate. And okay, don’t throw the Leafs a bone.

  • Brendan Kelly

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