Make P.K. Subban captain of the Habs

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Uncategorized


Do the right thing! And yes I am referencing P.K. Subban’s good pal Spike Lee. Everyone just seems to assume the next captain of the Canadiens will be Max ‘Yawn’ Pacioretty and for once everyone is probably right.

The bleu-blanc-et-rouge is the ultimate don’t-rock-the-boat organization, an outfit that wants peace and quiet (and a healthy bottomline) over all else. So chances are that general manager Marc Bergevin and his cohorts will choose Not-So-Mad Max to helm our favourite sports team.

Too bad. Hey I like Patch. He is, after all, the only chap on the team that can put the puck in the back of the net with any consistency. But I’m not really seeing him as our fearless leader.

Gaz columnist Pat Hickey – the wheelman for the Montreal hockey press corps – quotes Bergevin on what makes a great captain: “You need to be a leader, need to be somebody who is respected by his teammates…is a leader on and off the ice, has a presence. I was asked earlier in my career who I look upon as great captains. To name a few: Al MacInnis, Mario Lemieux and Steve Yzerman…These are the guys that led by example.”

Would you really mention Patch in the same breath as those guys? Not so much. Look at the last two playoff runs. Was Max leading by example? No he was middling at best, almost Plek-like in his post-season lethargy. And don’t even get me started on how he fares in the personality department, which is part of the criteria for a captain. This is the player who becomes the go-to guy for the media and so why not make it someone with a bit of spark.

Which brings us to my main man P.K. There’s no question he’s got the personality thing nailed down. He has the wardrobe for the job. And he actually fits Bergevin’s description of a captain to a tee. He does lead by example. He does leave it all on the ice. Think back to the 2014 playoffs when he took that epic Habs-Bruins series by the neck and didn’t let go until the Not-So-Bad Bs were lying flattened on the ice, a shadow of their former selves. No Subban, no series win, as simple as that. And he virtually promised that win Marc Messier style.

Yeah he has an enormous ego but so do plenty of other captains/sports superstars. We are living in a world of pro athletes with big egos. Even if he’s not made captain, his Ego will be running amok.

But it ain’t gonna happen. Habs management is terrified of the concept of Subban becoming captain. Other teams would see P.K. as a marketers’ wet dream but the Habs bosses just see warning signs. At every turn in Subban’s young career, they’ve tried to keep him in his corner. They fought him over the famous bridge contract, astonishingly enough they took him all the way to arbitration last summer and the kindly ol’ coach has spent years bad-mouthing the Norris-winning D-man (just underlining that M. Therrien only likes lunchbox-toting grunts not elite All-Star skill guys).

So welcome Patch as captain and just remember that Les Glorieux would have a much better chance of winning Lord Stanley’s trophy with P.K. wearing the ‘C’.

  • Brendan Kelly

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