Habs fans are allowed to be upset

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I don’t really want to talk about tonight’s game. The Canadiens were completely out-played by the Lightning. Simple as that. Many of the top players – Pacioretty, Desharnais, Galchenyuk – simply weren’t that good. And guess what? Montreal couldn’t score, just as they haven’t been able to score all year.

But my real beef tonight is with all of you who refuse to allow any criticism of the Habs. Like what the hell is up with that? Fans are allowed to be upset. Fans are allowed to want it all. To want to win the Cup. Fans are allowed to be upset that the greatest goalie in the world might not win that trophy he wants so badly because he doesn’t have enough talent in front of him.

Real fans feel like crap right now. Yeah of course it was never that likely that the Good Guys would go the distance this playoff but you should be disappointed when your team loses. This team has for far too long aimed for mediocrity and no more. This was a mind-set where Saku Koivu would start a season by saying he didn’t expect to win the Cup. And the good news is that I firmly believe that the current managers have finally chucked that idiotic philosophy in the garbage bin and are determined to try to Think Big Sti!

And it’s okay to say the coach is maybe not the man to get the job done. Just as it’s okay for you to disagree and say you love the kindly ol’ coach. We are allowed to debate these things. That’s what fans do.

Elliotte Friedman raised a good point after the game on Hockey Night in Canada – how big of a window do you have with Carey Price playing at this level to go all the way? Price wants to drink from that chalice bad. So if in two years from now, the team still doesn’t have anyone scoring, does he do what Ken Dryden suggested could’ve happened a few years back and walk into Marc Bergevin’s office and ask for a trade?

All I’m saying is we’re allowed to argue about these things in a civilized fashion. We’re fighting over these things because we are passionate about our team. The Canadiens staff are all-too-good at snuffing out all critical discussion. There’s no reason for Habs boosters to be just as intolerant.

Oddly enough, having said all that, I’m not really in the mood to kick M. Therrien when he’s down. Right at this moment, I’m just feeling that maybe the team in front of Carey simply isn’t good enough to take us to the next level.

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