It ain’t over yet

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Simple message this morning. It’s 2-zip for the Habs and there is plenty to celebrate on this beautiful Saturday morning. As first tipped in David Winch’s now-famous column on Alex Galchenyuk, there’s the Galchenyuk moment to fête – his stunning overtime goal, a spin-round-then-shoot-as-fast-as-you-can move that made the Hamburglar look like he’d never robbed anyone in his life. Then there’s Élise Béliveau’s boyfriend P.K. Subban who came back after messing his bed in the first game and delivered a monster game, as we all knew he would. He rocketed one of his patented Howitzer slapshots over Andrew Hammond’s shoulder, nearly taking off the Sens’ goalie’s head in the process. 140 kmh that one was. Did I mention P.K. is my main man? I know, I know, take a number.

But here’s the message. It ain’t over ’til it’s over. Two-nothing is exactly where you want to be after two games in Montreal but Subban got it right in the post-game scrum when he reminded the ink-stained wretches – not that any journos see any ink these days – that you can still lose a series after being up two-zero. He reminded us that that’s exactly what happened in 2011. The Habs won the first pair in Beantown and then our least favourite team came back to win in seven (with the Bruins going on to win the Cup). That was the infamous Horton-hears-a-Who moment.

It also happened with the Hurricanes in 2006, the infamous series where the Habs stormed out in Raleigh, winning the first two, chasing starting goalie Martin Gerber and, sadly for us, forcing Canes coach Peter Laviolette to unleash 22-year-old rookie backup netminder Cam Ward. You know the rest – Ward turned in a Dryden-like performance that spring, Saku Koivu was lost for the season with a dangerous eye injury in game three, and the Hurricanes won in OT in game seven at the Bell Centre on a weak tipped shot from Corey Stillman that Cristobal Huet most certainly should’ve stopped. (Most believe that was the moment management secretly game up all hope of having any kind of future with the French goalie.)

Don’t get me wrong. I think we will win this series. But it won’t be a cakewalk. That’s all I’m saying. The Habs have won the first two games by one goal each time and now Les Boys are headed to their barn. (Luckily the sad-sack Sens can barely even fill the aforementioned barn with their own fans.) So let’s save the real celebration for the end of the series.


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