Why not put the Habs game on CBC tonight?

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

P.K. Subban2

From the start of the brave new Rogers world broadcast order, the prime spot that is CBC on a Saturday night has been reserved for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I get it. Toronto is the biggest media market in the country, the Leafs get the top ratings, so you wanna have their games on the network that reaches the most Canadians.

(We won’t go into here how the CBC executives just gave away that precious air-time. That, alas, is another story.)

But you may have heard that the Leafs have been tanking of late. As Pop Montreal guru Dan Seligman quipped, before it was even true, they’re a Gong Show. They are way way out of playoff contention, have sold-off as many of their decent players as they could, and are now openly dissed even by their most faithful fans (who deserve praise for their hockey-sweater-tossing prowess). In the meantime, the Montreal Canadiens are first in the East, have just made a couple of moves to strengthen their roster, and are far and away the Canadian team most likely to go deep in the post-season.

So why not move tonight’s Habs game – and all the Habs games going forward – on to CBC? Virtually all of the Canadiens’ games have been on City on Saturday nights, a channel that doesn’t have nearly the reach of CBC. And that’s where you’ll find Saturday’s Montreal-Arizona match-up. So why not flip that one over to CBC and take that meaningless St. Louis Toronto snoozer and put it on City.

It would also be a good way to generate more viewer interest in the Habs as they move toward the playoffs and hopefully boost your post-season ratings.

Of course it’s never gonna happen. Too logical. Just remember that the folks making these decisions all live in Toronto. It’s in their genes. They simply can’t imagine a world where you prioritize the Canadiens over the Leafs.  It’s Don Cherry’s world. And they’ll make decisions like this even though it’s a bad business decision because they’re prisoners of the Leafs Nation. Bizarre.


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