Seven more great David Bowie songs

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I posted this NME list of the 40 greatest David Bowie songs earlier and my pal Daniel Weinstock quite rightly pointed out that “there was a real over-emphasis on early Bowie”. He’s right. I like all 40 songs but fact is that the newest song on the list is from 1986 (Absolute Beginners) and almost all of them are from the ’70s. Now obviously the ’70s is Bowie’s greatest period – don’t even try to argue with me on that point – but it’s just as obvious that there have been plenty of great Bowie songs released after 1986. Here are some of them, which really should have been on that list.

Thursday’s Child from Hours (1999):

Something in the Air from Hours (1999):

I’m Afraid of Americans from Earthling (1997):

Slip Away from Heathen (2002):

Sunday from Heathen (2002):

Buddha of Suburbia from Buddha of Suburbia (1993):

Valentine’s Day from The Next Day (2013):

So yeah, NME was totally lazy on that list. And a tad insulting to Bowie. He’s made some great music since Scary Monsters. Oh and putting Modern Love at No. 8 and Let’s Dance at 6 proves that it’s a joke list. Why? Cos those are shite songs.

(Yes I know this a hockey blog but I am all about mixing up hockey and rock’n’roll so……well sue me. It’s my blog and I needed to set the record straight on this. But if it’s any consolation, I am watching the Habs Devils game while doing this.)

– Brendan Kelly


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