Good riddance part two – happy to see Moen go, not sure what I think of Gonchar arriving

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
Sergei Gonchar.

Sergei Gonchar.

What the hell! Guy leaves town and all hell breaks loose. I have been in St. John’s for less than 48 hours and already my Montreal Canadiens have dumped two players. I can only imagine what is going to happen to the team between now and my arrival back in Montreal Saturday.

Who’s set to walk the plank next? Can Prusty survive my George St. vacation? Will Gally be able to hold on to his Habs sweater until I crawl out of O’Reillys in the wee hours of Saturday morning to make it to the airport?

Clearly Marc Bergevin was convinced that he had to wait til I was distracted by the many fine products of the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company – Eric’s Cream Ale for the Kilkenny fans, Honey Brown for the Newcastle boosters and British IPA for the IPA crowd – to make these moves.

Big mistake pal. They have wifi at the Hava Java café on Water St. – where I’m sitting sipping herbal tea right now (eds. note: Are you okay? shall we call for medical/psychiatric aid?) and so if anything Top Shelf, sidelined by this mental fall, has been re-invigorated by my trip to The Rock.

To re-cap. René Bourque on the bus with the Hamilton Bulldogs. A good thing. Now Travis Moen is shipped to the Dallas Stars in return for 86-year-old Sergei Gonchar. (This just in – Pop Montreal honcho Dan Seligman tells me the Russian D-man is a spright youthful 40.)

Well first-off I am as happy to see Moen out the door as I was Bourque. Neither big guy was adding anything to the equation at this point and if you ask me, Moen had been pretty ineffective ever since he signed that too-sweet deal.

But Gonchar? Is this a good thing? Like everyone, I used to really like this guy but he’s way past his due date, no? And it’s a lot of dough. $5 million, apparently, a big price increase from Moen’s $1.8 million. The up-side is that Gonchar’s contract ends this season whereas that ridiculous Moen deal goes on for another season.

And Montreal has the money. They just need to sell a few more of those over-priced beers at the Bell Centre. So I guess it’s mostly good for Les Boys. Though Habs Eye on the Prize does make one good observation – if this interferes with the development of Jarred Tinordi and/or Nathan Beaulieu, then it’s most definitely not a good deal for the Habs.

So generally positive, but jury’s out on this one.

On that note, I need to figure out where to watch Tuesday’s Habs-Jets bout. Christian’s on George St. or the Rose & Thistle on Water St.?

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