Good riddance to René Bourque

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well in the immortal words of my favourite group – The Ramones, of course! – ‘Glad to see you go go go, you’re gone’.

René Bourque appears to be gone – and this is a good thing. The Canadiens put the big winger on waivers, no one picked him up (I mean who would?), and now he’s set to be sent down to the Hamilton Bulldogs. So first off, kudos to Marc Bergevin for taking the initiative re getting rid of this chunk of dead wood. That’s what we like about the smartest-dresser in the NHL – he can actually take action, unlike our old pals in the firm of Gainey & Gauthier who couldn’t make a decisive move if their lives depended on it. Well I guess they sometimes did, usually to disastrous results (hello Scott Gomez!).

But clearly Bourque’s time had run out in Montreal. Zero goals and two assists this season simply isn’t good enough. And basically he’s been a bust here ever since he came over from Calgary in the Cammalleri trade. Yeah he was a hero in last season’s playoffs but that was in retrospect a fluke and/or simply an offshoot of him meeting Ginette Reno.

Any hoo, Bergevin looks good today for dumping him but you have to think he would’ve looked even better if he’d struck when the iron was hot and unloaded Bourque in a trade right after the playoffs (as one of my pals suggested at the time).

The other disturbing thing here – I am forced to agree with Don Cherry who said that Bourque is a floater. Last but not least, this news allows us to think back once again to that wack-job Cammalleri-Bourque trade. Remember? When our fave wacky GM Pierre Gauthier traded Cammie half way through a game in Boston, sending the Hab over to the team’s hotel in the middle of a game. Classy eh? That was one of the low points of one of the low-point regimes in the history of the Habs.

So if you ever feel bad about Bergevin, just think of how low we sunk with Gauthier and knock off the grumbling.



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