Mail the Habs the Cup now…..NOT!

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
Tomas Plekanec.

Tomas Plekanec.

Well, well, well….less than a week into the hockey season and the Canadiens have won three straight, on the road no less. Tomas Plekanec is playing like Sid the Kid with four goals in three games, both Carey Price and Dustin Tokarksi have looked better than solid, and the new wave of Habs look ready to take charge.

So should you be reserving your deck-chair for the late-June parade on Ste. Catherine St. right now? Ummmm maybe not. Look I don’t want to rain on your parade – pun intended – but it is the first week of the season. Normally this is the week for the Leafs to shine – not this year! – and we’ve always laughed at teams who celebrate great victories in October. With reason. October is an important month for baseball wins. In hockey, it means next to nothing.

So get a grip. We’re Montreal Canadiens fans. We understand the game better than fans in any other North American city and we all know that all that counts is what happens come the Real Season. Alors on se calme mes amis.

That said, there’s much reason to be optimistic about this gang. First and most importantly, this is the year that the New Wave has finally come to the fore. There’s no old guys – no Giontas, no Gorges – to distract us. This is the team of Subban, Price, and Patch. They’re the leaders of the youth movement and as Martin McGuire said the other day on, if Les Boys finally win that long-awaited 25th Cup, it’ll be with those three crammed into the driver’s seat fighting over who takes the wheel.

Look at Subban. Now he’s got the big contract, he can F up – like he did on that goal in Washington – and the kindly ol’ coach isn’t allowed to ground him anymore (though you just know Therrien would love to). And that’s gonna make him a better player. He is gonna mess up but he’s also gonna to take games – and playoff series (remember that little bout with the Bruins in the spring?) – and grab them by the throat and win them.

Then there’s the matter of Turtleneck Man and his new wing-man Alex Galchenyuk. Plek has four goals already and looks positively energized by the arrival of Chucky by his side. They also looked amazing with P.A. Parenteau on the other wing late in that improbable comeback against the Philadelphia Flyers Saturday night, so don’t be surprised if those three stay together.

That inspirational win Saturday was what these new-look Habs are all about. They go into the third down three-zip, having looked downright awful in the first two periods, outshot 27-18. Then they turn it on. Andrei Markov ignited the comeback, the man who is single-handedly going to spark a major revival of the turtleneck potted another one and then Galchenyuk tied it by tipping in a shot from Plekanec.

Then O.T. – Galchenyuk coming so close to solving it on a breakway – and a shoot-out, won by M. Parenteau.

So yeah much to be excited about. But let’s not start sniffing any Cups just yet.

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