Come July, when we’re sitting on the porch of the cottage, hoisting a couple of beers and looking out at the lake, we’ll say – ‘Can you believe it? We beat the Bruins!’

But right now, when the Habs had tantalized us by being just two games away from the Stanley Cup finals, I feel totally and utterly bummed out. That said, we all saw it coming. We kept up a brave face but from that first-game blow-out, it was clear that The Walking Dead That Are The Boston Bruins had sucked the life out of these Habs.

Sure give credit to the New York Rangers. They played a near-perfect game tonight. But you do have to wonder how the Habs didn’t play with more desperation. Without Dustin Tokarski’s heroics, this could’ve easily been a 5-0 game. Instead the Blueshirts eked out a 1-0 victory.

The Habs just weren’t the same team in this series. They left it all in Boston. They ran out of gas. In that sense, it’s a lot like 2010 all over again when the Habs pulled out two stunning game-seven victories against Washington and Pittsburgh and then collapsed like a Dollar Store house of cards when faced with a Flyers team back-stopped by a No Name goaltender.

But this is a much better team than the 2010 Habs and once you get over the sadness of defeat, you have to pay tribute to a real character group that – against all expectations – brought this team into the Final Four in the NHL. Who predicted that last fall? And it’s been a great run for the young players who’ve learned so much and will be able to use that experience when they lace up for next year’s playoffs.

Still it’s all a little mysterious. This notion that they run out of gas. That they used it all up against Boston. How does that happen? How does a team look so great in one series and then look like a shadow of themselves a few days later? Or is it a case of Boston being not nearly as good as they should’ve been and the Rangers playing way better than expected?

And how could the Habs come out so flat for this crucial game six? That’s just downright bizarre. Other than Tokarski and Brendan Gallagher – of course! – Les Boys didn’t look like they cared all that much for large stretches of this game. Bizarre.

Well it’s been a great run. The city rallied behind this unlikely success story and, in the end, maybe our Stanley Cup was the satisfaction of making sure that Chara, Lucic and their pals didn’t get to take another shot at winning the Cup. That was pretty cool.

Anyways, did the Habs even want to win this series? To win so you can play either the Los Angeles Kings or the Chicago Blackhawks? That’s some kinda prize!

That’s it. The Habs just weren’t trying! 😉

I’m joking because if I wasn’t joking, I’d be crying.


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