I mean WTF! What just happened? Montreal finally scores the first goal – thank you young Mr. Galchenyuk – followed by a Rangers marker and then….well basically all hell broke loose.

Well let’s start with the tweet. I’m calling it The Tweet That Changed The Series. (I also have tongue firmly in cheek here.)

So with it all tied up at one, I think back to a conversation before the game with a pal. We were agreeing that the real problem with the Habs right about now was the lack of scoring. The Incredible Vanishing Hockey Player – aka Thomas Vanek – of course. But also Max Pacioretty, David Desharnais, RenĂ© Bourque, Tomas Plekanec, Brian Gionta. No one is putting the puck in the net.

So I tweet the following desperate thought: ‘Patch, Plek, Gionta, DD, Bourque. These guys have to score.’

One minute later Plek scores, which prompts the following Twitter thought: ‘I just tweeted that Plek had to score. He checked his timeline, took note of the tweet and scored w a wicked wrister.’ 2-1 Habs.

Then Patch scores. It’s 3-1. So, re my prediction, two down, three to go. Then Bourque puts it in the back of the net. My new best friend Maggie McDonnell tweets: ‘You’re the new #Ginette.’ King Henrik is chased from the game. Tokarski has slain the King!

CBC’s Quebec City morning woman Susan Campbell quite rightly notes: ‘OK this is getting scary.’

We’re all having a blast. Fun fun fun….until Josh Gorges kicks one into his own net, something I did NOT predict. Then the Rangers score two quick goals and it’s 4-4. No one is joking about predictions any more. I’m having a psychotic reaction on the couch. I feel like I might be sick.

Then Bourque scores again. It’s 5-4. My daughter comes home from her friend’s house and can’t believe it. When she left to take the bus it was 4-1 Montreal and a 15-minute ride later, it’s 5-4 Montreal.

Bourque does it again. Completes the hat trick. I wonder if he and Ginette necked before the game. This is not handshake magic. There must’ve been some kissing involved.

Did I mention that wee Davey Desharnais then scored? I was so hoping Gionta would sling it into the open net and make it five-for-five for my prediction and though he was on for much of the time the net was empty, he didn’t score. So I have to live with calling four out of five scorers. I still think I get to yell – BINGO!

Anything else? We’ve solved Lundqvist. The Rangers have turned into bigger goons than the Bruins. John Moore hit Dale Weise in the head with a check that will surely lead to a suspension. My new least favourite hockey player Derek Dorsett started the night by snowing the little kid in a Habs jersey and ended the game by head-butting Mike Weaver.

The Rangers are rattled. I’m shattered. We’re going back to Manhattan and if I’m Glen Sather, I’m wondering what the hell happened. I’m not Glen Sather and I am in fact wondering what happened. That was nutty. But the final score was 7-4 and the only score that counts is 3-2 Rangers. The Good Guys live to fight another day in the Big Apple.


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