I am trying to talk myself back on to the Habs bandwagon

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I was sitting in the pub Sunday night when it happened. I had a pint of Okanagan ale in front of me, the conversation with a couple of the guys from our beer-league hockey team was as entertaining as usual and the place was whooping it up big time as we watched the Habs fight for their lives.

Then Martin St. Louis scored….and the thud you heard was me falling off the bandwagon. Like everyone I’ve talked to since, I was just floored by the concept that this overwhelmed Habs team had left St. Louis standing all by himself at the side of the net. Don’t they read the sports pages? Don’t they realize that this inspirational player is on a phenomenal roll and that he might not be the person you should be leaving alone in front of your rookie goalie.

So after two-and-a-half series of relentlessly cheering for Les Boys, I for the first time began to think the dreamy spring of 2014 might be over. That perhaps the 21st century Habs simply aren’t good at conference finals anymore. That we might go down 4-1 just like we did in the Halak spring of 2010.

As someone said to me this morning as I biked to the news factory – where is the Habs team that gave a lesson in hockey to those mighty Bruins? The team has looked like a shadow of itself in this Rangers series. For the most part, they simply can’t keep up with the speedy New Yorkers. The scoring has dried up. The D-men have lost their punch. The Incredible Vanishing Hockey Player – the man previously known as Thomas Vanek – has over-stayed his welcome ici. The good news is that he loses a million bucks every extra playoff game he plays, as GMs around the league realize they’d be nuts to give this team-spirit-killing floater a big contract.

In short, if not for the heroics of Dustin Tokarski, this series would already be over. And you know what the worst thing is? These Rangers are oh-so-beatable. The Canadiens that played the Bruins could so beat the Blueshirts. But they’ve had their skills sucked out of them by the walking dead. Or something.

Anyhoo, that was my mind-set last night and for the first part of today. But my online pals have been working on me all day. The ever-optimistic David Winch opined that if Galchenyuk had “missed” that post, we’d be talking about a Habs resurgence. Winch went on to remind us of how dark we all felt after that awful game 5 in the Boston series that put The Good Guys down 3-2.

So by the time I was cycling home, I was actually beginning to believe that maybe just maybe we could keep this magic going a little longer. I mean the Habs just have to win Tuesday night right? One game at a time and all that nonsense? One shift at a time. Get the lucky bounces. Give 110%. Oh you know what I mean.

So yeah why not? Sure let’s say the Habs win game 5. Could happen. Then it’s 3-2 Rangers and we’re right back where we were against the Bruins. But here’s the caveat. None of this is going to happen if the Habs don’t step up their game big-time. They have to play way better, on every front except goaltending.

Could happen. Bench Vanek. Have Ginette high-five every players as they hit the ice. Maybe we’ve got the Rangers just where we want them. Hey the Canadiens have been doing pretty well in elimination games.

So after much deliberation, I’d just like to say – Go Habs Go.


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