The doors of the Habs church open to all

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Did you see that Radio-Canada story on Loco Locass and Annakin Slayd hooking up thanks to their shared love of the Canadiens? It doesn’t get any better than that. The unabashedly nationalist franco rappers – the trio behind the official Habs goal song Le But – and the anglo hip-hop bard – who’s produced a series of Canadiens anthems – find a common ground in the hockey team that unites all Montrealers.

Here’s Biz from Loco Locass perfectly summing up just how important it is for us to rally around the Habs at this exact moment:

« Cette année, l’hiver a été long et difficile. Politiquement, on est divisés, on est tannés, le printemps arrive pas. Donc là, il y a quelque chose qui nous rassemble, c’est les Canadiens. On a le goût de célébrer. »

So as has often been noted, our fabled hockey club brings together Quebecers of all cultural backgrounds, languages and political affiliations. But just to be a contrarian, I’d like to remind you that how we view the Canadiens can sometimes be just as divided as our politics. Think of the whole Randy Cunneyworth controversy. I know, I know, you’re thinking, who’s that? It seems like such a blast from the past. But it was only a couple of years ago when the infamous lame-duck “interim” coach took-over after Pierre “Major Major” Gauthier made coach Jacques Martin walk the plank.

There was, with good reason, a furor over the fact that Cunneyworth couldn’t speak French, a question that appeared to surprise the entire Canadiens organization. In franco Quebec, the majority view was that a Habs coach absolutely must be fluent in the language of Lafleur. But many anglo Habs fans couldn’t understand why everyone was so hot under the collar. They figured you hire the best coach, period.

But right now, just hours before game five of this epic Habs-Bruins series, we are all indeed on the same page.

Habs hits from here and there:

While we’re obsessed with all things Bruins-Habs, you might want to have a look at Michael Farber’s wonderful feature on the most famous too-many-men penalty in the history of hockey – or as academics call it, the mythical moment that created the monster that is Don Cherry. Here’s just one sample in case you didn’t already know that Farber is the best hockey scribe in the universe:

“Boston never really lost the big and the bad, but Too Many Men recast the Bruins’ identity in a less propitious manner. They also became destiny’s doormats, getting close but going more than three decades without a championship after flunking math on a Thursday night in 1979.”


How you feeling about Thomas Vanek right now? He lit it up in the final stretch of the regular season but didn’t have a shot on goal in game four. Still want him to sign long-term in Montreal? If he continues in this sad-sack mode for the rest of the series, I say give him a one-way-ticket to Minnesota (right M. Coderre?).


Stop all the complaining about Douglas Murray. That was a fluke goal in overtime. Leave it at that. He was out there all night crushing Bruins players like little bugs and that’s exactly what we need. The Habs need Captain Crunch to give room for our wee skill guys.


Oh Patch, can you please find a way to hit the net? Just saying.



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