That was kind of devastating

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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What was devastating? Well that overtime loss, with the Bruins winning 1-0 real early in the OT with a just downright goofy goal from Matt Fraser. The puck took a couple of funny bounces, Carey Price lost sight of it for the first time in the game and the 23-year-old Red Deer native who had just been called up from Boston’s farm team for the game whacked the rubber into the net. It was his first-ever NHL playoff goal.

I was just floored. Stunned. Then came the down, as it sunk in that this incredible hockey game was actually over and the Bad Guys had won it. It was weird just how hard this hit me. Like it’s not as if the series is over or anything. It’s now tied 2-2 and clearly either of these teams is capable of winning it.

But my belief is you have to be just crushed by a loss like this. If you’re not, you may as well not be watching. Whenever anyone says ‘it’s just a game’, I want to throw up….or throw something at them. It’s not just a game. That’s why it’s great being an all-in fan of a sports team. They rip your heart out (as the Canadiens have done all so often in the past 20 years). Then they make it all okay by making the magic happen once again, like they did in the spring of 2010.

So there I was wallowing in self-pitying Habs-fan mode when my pal and CBC Radio colleague Steve Rukavina came along on Twitter to remind me that “you knew it had to be a garbage goal to win this one… shook off game 2 loss…they can shake this one off too.”

And of course he’s right. But I’m not there yet. Give me a few hours. It was a truly epic game. It was trench warfare with almost every player fighting for every inch of the ice. (Well almost everyone. Thomas Vanek wasn’t fighting. He was reminding us of his reputation as a capricious player who only comes out to play when he feels like.)

Did you see Douglas Murray cream three Bruins within ten seconds? Did you see Michael Bournival racing around the ice and whipping one shot after another at Tuuka Rask? Did you see Lars Eller? Rene Bourque? It was a remarkably hard-fought game.

So now it goes back to Boston for the start of a best of three, with two of the three games in Beantown. This is not going to be easy but no one said it would be. All I know is that sometime between now and game 7, Vanek has to start playing like he did late in the regular season and Max Pacioretty has to get some pucks behind Rask.

I know it can be done. That’s what my head says. But my heart is not so upbeat.

Time to follow another Twitter pal Catherine Bilodeau’s advice – take a warm bath, grab a big mug of herbal tea and then get a good night’s sleep. Either that or I hit the bar. Or hit my head on the wall.

Okay where is that can of Mother’s Little Helper tea? “One sip is like a day at the spa.” It says it right there on the can. Maybe I will make it to game five after all.


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