P.K. Subban rules my world

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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P.K. laughs

I couldn’t be more proud to be flying my P.K. Subban flag on my car this morning. I put the flag up mid-way through the Tampa Bay series and Les Boys haven’t lost since. Ha ha. Cos of course they haven’t lost in these playoffs. 5-and-0. Et oui!

Yes the first star in any normal universe of Thursday night’s stunning Habs victory over the Bruins is Carey ‘What Me Worry’ Price. Price was quite simply astonishing, during the second half when the Bruins woke up and started swarming the Montreal net and even more so in that first overtime period dominated by the big bad Bs.

But coming in a close second in any star selection was our man Pernell Karl Subban. He scored the first goal of the night, on the power play, a laser of a wrister that beat Tukka ‘I was shit’ Rask, and then ended it all near the start of the second overtime, with – what else? – a ferocious slapshot from the point on the powerplay, set up beautifully, like he has been so many times before, by Andrei ‘Marky Mark’ Markov.

Here’s the sequence of my tweets ’round about that time:

First (just before the power play): Okay now this is effin it. Last chance for romance. Habs must score on this power play. End it now. Don’t put on Vanek.

Second (right after the goal): P.K. Fuckin Subban.

Third (seconds later):Where are those Subban doubters now? Yeah that’s what I thought. Sitting quiet in the corner.

That just about sums it up. Sadly it wasn’t the Subban doubters who came out of the woodwork. It was the knuckle-dragging Boston racists who resorted to the kind of language that has no place in any sports discussion. I have plenty of admiration for the Bruins organization – they’ve built one hell of a team – which is why I will be so disappointed if someone high up in that team does not come out today and directly address that ugliness on the part of some Bruins fans. Are you listening Cam Neely? End of lecture.

On to hockey. I can’t take too many more games like this. Montreal had a big 2-0 lead but for the second half of regulation time and most of the first OT, they were just getting hammered by the Bruins and the only reason they survived was the What Me Worry Kid. If that happens every game, we are not going to survive this series.

We also ain’t going nowhere if Thomas Vanek and Max Pacioretty don’t start producing. It’s great to get two goals from the Subbanator and another from Miracle Man Bourque, but the top guys have to be the top guys.

So I’m sticking to my guns. Habs in seven. In overtime. P.K. pots the winner. See ya there.

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