Louis Morissette says the Bruins will take the Habs in five

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Louis Morissette – the Quebec TV producer, actor and writer – is a big Habs fan and much as it pains him to say it, he told me Thursday morning he thinks the Bruins will beat the Habs in five games.

“I think they’re going for the Cup, they have the perfect chemistry,” said Morissette, who produced, wrote and appeared in four editions of Radio-Canada’s ultra-popular year-end satirical revue Bye Bye and is currently preparing a stage show, Les Morissette, with his wife, Veronique Cloutier.

“Milan Lucic will be in Alexei Emelin’s face during the whole series…he’ll be hurt before the end of the series,” said Morissette. “It’s going to be tough. So Boston in 5. They’ll let one go in Montreal because they’ll be up 2-0 or 3-0 and they’ll be a bit cocky. So they’ll lose one game. But if they’re focused, it could be in four. Hopefully I’m wrong. Imagine David Desharnais beside Chara. It’ll be pretty funny. Vanek, he’s not a physical guy, he’s not a guy who likes playing in traffic. He gets a lot of points but he’s the kind of guy who gets points when he has space and he won’t have space.”

Don’t read too much into the sweep of the Lightning, added Morissette.

“Tampa Bay was the perfect match for us,” said Morissette. “They didn’t hit hard. The new format of the playoffs will f— les Canadiens because if it was the old system, it would be us against Pittsburgh and New York or Phillie against Boston. Against Pittsburgh, I would’ve bet on the Canadiens. We can out-skate that defense but not against Boston. We’d have a better chance against Marc-Andre Fleury rather than Tukka Rask. Is there a flu virus we can give to Rask, Lucic, Chara, Bergeron?”

Final verdict?

“For all those reasons, Boston in five.”


  1. David Lefrançois says:

    We should boycott Boston pizza in retaliation

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