Habs sweep Tampa Bay and it feels like….2014

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Stanley Cup. Photo courtesy of RDS.

Stanley Cup. One series down, three to go. Photo courtesy of RDS.

How sweet it is to write that headline. I mean who would’ve thunk it. The Canadiens get the job done in four. Their first sweep since 1993 but who’s counting right? It feels like….oh hell, I’ll leave that stuff to my pal Annakin Slayd. It feels like 2014 and it feels bloody good.

Anyhoo, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That’s one down and three to go and already my Bruins-loving friends – yes that would be Rafael and Monk – are already taunting me. I don’t care. Firstly we’ll probably be playing Detroit and whoever it is, all I hope is they come staggering out of a tough seven-game bout, with our lads coming off ten days of practicing.

So the Habs got it done but even you Kool-Aid-slurping fans gotta admit that third period was more than a little scary. As soon as Kristers Gudlevskis left the bench, I had a bad feeling and I was right (geez I sound like Don Cherry). He made one stunning save after another and before you could say ‘Ken Dryden’, Tampa Bay had scored two goals, tied it up at 3, and they had all the momentum. They had their very own Easter Week Miracle.

As this was happening, I was wondering about that much-vaunted first line that had been doing its Invisible Men act for most of the past two games. What’s happened to that Vanek fellow, I wondered. At least Patch was working hard and everyone kept saying the coaches were happy with Pacioretty. And…well you know how it all ended. Mad Max scored with less than a minute to go on a power play following a questionable penalty to Cedric Paquette – I mean questionable for the dying seconds of a 3-3 elimination playoff game, c’mon we all know the unwritten rules of NHL reffing, plus there’d been all kinds of malarky just before the call.

And that’s all she wrote. Cherry and Ron MacLean came back and looked adrift, in the well-chosen words of my good friend Bruce Dinsmore. They just can’t seem to figure out how to act with the Habs as the only Canadian team in the playoffs. Mostly that means Don not talking about the Canadiens and Maclean complaining about using francophone referees in Montreal (eds. note: WTF???).

Free piece of advice to the Hockey Night in Canada poohbahs: Why not invite Strombo to come by now that his fave team is styling and give him a little air-time to warm up the crowd for next season.

The best part of HNIC tonight was the terrific opening sequence from Tim Thompson, another winner, this time featuring the ferocious rockers from Saguenay Gazoline. I’ve been talking these young punks up for a while and with good reason. They’re amazing. Take a gander.

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