The Habs catch a lucky break (or three)….and all of a sudden it’s 3-NUFFIN!

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Rene Bourque

Look I’m as happy as the next fellow that the Habs are up three-nil in this series but let’s just admit that the Canadiens got lucky Sunday night at the Bell Centre.

Start with the play of the night – the disputed goal from Ryan Callahan. Everyone from Kerry Fraser on down has said the ref was right, that he was following the rule perfectly. But fact is he was wrong. The rule – which, let’s admit, none of us had heard of before last night – is that the goal will be over-ruled if the goalie gets tangled up with the player, even if the goalie initiates the contact. So yeah technically right but reality is that Carey Price barely got caught up with Loyola High alumnus Alex “Killer” Killorn. Price was out of position because he was out of position.

So Tampa coach Jon Cooper is quite right to deliver the quote of the night – “I was pissed then and I’m pissed now.”

Of course I’ll take it. But that would’ve made it 2-1 Bolts and it would’ve been a much different game.

Second break is that spectacular P.K. Subban play. Yeah the PKster was pulling one of his dreamy Bobby Orr sequences but it doesn’t work out quite as well if Ondrej Palat sticks with him. But as the Subbanitor goes round the back of the net, Palat, who’s chasing him, gets his stick stuck in the mesh of the net and does a full somersault. P.K. is home free, wires a beautiful pass to Our Hero Brendan ‘I play big’ Gallagher and it’s a goal. Big-time break No. 2.

Lucky break No. 3? That Steven Stamkos potential breakaway that was called offside. Offsides of course not an exact science but looked good to me (and Cooper).

But the real lucky break is that the Habs are playing a team that does not include Ben Bishop. It’s exactly the same scenario as having Les Boys play this thing with Peter ‘I’m Only  Good For One Game a Week’ Budaj between the pipes. Remember how that worked out in California?

So yeah I’m raining on the parade this morning. Look it’s all part of the psychotic week I’m having. One minute on an impossible high, the next in a dark depression. Hey sue me. I’m a Habs fan. It’s not easy at the best of times.

But hey you have to be good to be lucky. Luck played a big role in ’86 and ’93 – in the choice of opponents – but both years featured pretty good Habs teams. The good? Well let’s start of course with Rene ‘Miracle Man’ Bourque who chose Easter Weekend to rise from the dead and spread the Canadiens gospel, with three goals, including one just 11 seconds in Sunday, and many more scoring chances. P.K. ‘I still don’t like the coach’ Subban has revved back to life after two months of sub-standard play and Price has been impeccable ever since his just-okay start in game one.

And the team is getting scoring from all quarters. Look at game three. They won without any contributions from their superstar first line. Hey who needs Vanek and Patch when you have the Miracle Man?

So yeah lucky but pretty damn good too.

On that happy note, have another look at Tim Thompson’s simply brilliant Hockey Night in Canada opening montage, set to the tune of Michel Pagliaro’s classic Some Sing, Some Dance, the best Paul McCartney song Macca never wrote.


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