Milan Lucic shows his true colours

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Admit it. You'd love to see Milan Lucic in a Habs jersey.

Milan Lucic.

I’ve been a big defender of Milan Lucic in the past. I’ve kept saying that much as we Habs fans hate him, we’d take him in a heartbeat.

Well no more. The Bruins can keep him. In fact, he seems to fit in just fine with the Big Bad Bs.

Did you see the play last night in game one of the Boston Detroit series where he spears rookie defenseman Danny DeKeyser in the nuts from behind? Look familiar? Course it does. Because it’s exactly what this cowardly player did to Alexei Emelin a couple of weeks back after Emelin caught Lucic with a beautiful (completely legal) hip check.

It was exactly the same scenario last night. DeKeyser knocks Lucic into the boards – with not even the roughest of checks – and Lucic responds a few seconds later with a whack to the balls from behind.

In a leap of logic that made no sense to anyone but the most hardcore of Bruins fans, Lucic called Emelin “a chicken” after that last incident. But today it’s clear just who the chicken is. Everyone except Milan Lucic learned this in the grade-school playground – only cowards jump a guy from behind. Let’s hope the league throws the book at this chicken but given that he wears a Bruins sweater, I doubt it’ll happen.

Postscript: The League has fined Lucic $5,000 for the attack, basically the equivalent of the cost of a dinner out with a couple of his knuckle-dragging pals. Just another reminder that the NHL is a joke. And Lucic’s defense of the thing was even more laughable. He said he’s “only” done it three times in his career. Brilliant.

  1. Stan says:

    The reason they gave him the $5000 was because that’s about how bad it was! He did not headshot anyone. He didn’t take a knee out. He didn’t break an ankle or a wrist with a slash,,, he gove a nut popper to a guy wearing a jock! It hurt,,, yes and it is a blemish on his record but he is a warrior and when at war you need warriors! I saw way worst stuff today where players got hurt and concussed,,,reprimand and a fine was justified and not over blown,,, the guy was sore but he stayed in the game and is fine today,,,,, dont think your the guy who should be saying who would take who,,,, he’s a clutch player and he messed up a tad! Hope to see them play the Habs! Then you guys can teach him a lesson,,,,,, or not!

    • Minz says:

      It was a nice example of NHL inconsistency though – a $5000 fine for something that would be a game penalty if the referees had noticed, shortly after the Blackhawks coach was fined 5 times as much for grabbing his own genitals. Seems like the NHL is sending the message that a) they don’t like their own rulebook and b) hitting someone with a stick is better in hockey than grabbing yourself. Weird.

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