Was that maybe the most important game since 1995 for the Montreal Canadiens?

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Patrick Roy.

Patrick Roy.

No really. Bear with me for a moment here. On Dec. 2, 1995, a boneheaded Montreal Canadiens coach decided to teach superstar goalie Patrick Roy a lesson and show him who the boss was – and, well we all know what happened next.

Roy told team president Ronald Corey to take his team and stuff it, Not So Super Mario sealed his fate (fated to become a L’Antichambre coach), Le Trade happened (bye bye modern hockey’s greatest goalie and my hero Mike Keane, hello a bunch of Avalanche guys whose names I’ve forgotten) and our beloved Habs went into a near-two-decade tailspin.

No really. It’s the Roy curse. Ever since that night when Mario Tremblay let the Red Wings laugh in Roy’s face, the team has been but a shadow of its former self. Yes it also happens to be the same era that I returned to watching hockey – don’t ask what I was up to for the previous decade! – and became a Habs fan for the first time in my life. That’s me. I didn’t like the Canadiens back in the day, when they were winning on all those Cups, preferring to cheer for the Blackhawks, a few decades before they started winning Cups again. I’m maladjusted. I admit. But I digress.

So maybe Tuesday night’s inspirational 6-3 win over Patrick Roy’s Colorado Avalanche marks the end of the Roy curse. Maybe the Habs have finally exorcized those demons.

Just a thought.

And what a way to break the curse. Roy also managed to wake up Thomas Vanek, who not only scored his first goal as a Hab but racked up a hat trick. I know, you’re thinking I was a bit grumbly about the Vanek trade. Hey I changed my mind! Sue me! More seriously, I still don’t like Rent-A-Players but let’s stay on message now.

And each member of the Grind Line scored – Brandon Prust, Travis Moen and Dale Weise. When your fourth line works, your team works.

So is the curse lifted? Hey a fellow can dream.

Here’s Moen’s spinorama backhand goal. I mean – WTF! Where did that come from? Since when does Moen make moves like that?


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