Helter Skelter – Habs pull off miracle comeback against the Senators

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It was one of the most extraordinary Habs games in years. Now granted the bar is pretty low given how many sad-sack games we’ve had to sit through in the past couple of years, but still.

This was something else. I was watching the game with a pal and as the third period wound down and the score 4-1 for the Ottawa Senators, we were having a good time sipping our Jameson’s – hey it’s St. Patrick’s weekend lad! – and yapping about how this might finally be the end of the Michel Therrien era. How Therrien doesn’t get the younger players, how he’s destroyed Lars Eller, messed up P.K. Subban and played mind games with Danny Briere. That there was simply no explanation for how much ice time he was giving to Francis Bouillon.

And we were agreeing that Carey Price, right about now, is probably thinking he should’ve stayed in Sochi.

Then something strange happened. First the aforementioned Mr. Eller scored to make it 4-2. And looked suitably grim after the goal, in essence saying – ‘Hey I’m a team player, I am not going to even half-celebrate this one, even though it’s a huge goal for me.’ Then Gionta scored. Then with 0.3 seconds left, wee Davey Desharnais popped it over Robin Lehner. 4-4.

And the magical night was capped by an overtime goal from – who else? – Francis Bouillon. It was his first goal of the season. Of course it was.

Just minutes earlier Therrien seemed like the worst coach in hockey, just nano-seconds away from the unemployment cue. Now? He’s the 2014 version of Scotty Bowman.

Of course he isn’t. Reality is he’s somewhere between the two extremes. But who cares right now. Bottom-line is that was one wild ride.

“What I’m hoping for is that this could change a season,” said Therrien after the game.

You believe that? Maybe not. Though I think I did tweet out something around that time that included the following hash-tags – #1986 #1993 #2010. As in, maybe the magic could happen.

Now on to the Top Shelf contest. What album or song did last night’s Habs game remind you of? The winner this time is none other than TSN 690 main-man Mitch Melnick who suggested The Beatles’ Helter Skelter as the night’s soundtrack. Exactly. You remember the first line of that under-rated White Album track, screamed by a hoarse Paul McCartney, over gnashing metallic guitar lines from George Harrison and John Lennon: “When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide.”

Sums it up quite nicely don’t you think?

Other suggestions? Jim Withers – Thriller (Michael Jackson).

Brendan Clarke – Lucky Man (ELP).

Paul Yatrou – Unbelievable (EMF).

Daniel Weinstock – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over (Lenny Kravitz).

Stewart Dowbiggin – Gotta be Abbey Road. They left the most of the best effort until the end.

Tommy Groszman – Supertramp — Dreamer ( although I dearly wish they were that good and this is a turning point).

Simon Fauteux – Never Say Die (Black Sabbath).

Hugo Cassivi – Sarah McLachlan’s Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff, Volume 2. A song called Prayer Of St Francis (Bouillon) on that album.

Alin Delong – Springbreakers soundtrack (running gag!).

Doods – Jump (Aztec Camera).

Jimmy Zoubris – Don’t Stop Believing (Journey).

Paul Wong – Never Mind the Bollocks cause all the Pistols songs are 4 minutes or less. Like tonight’s comeback.

Rich Thorpe – Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap (AC/DC).

And the last word goes to Paul Cherry – Something from Puccini or another opera with the way the Senators were waiving their arms and crying at the end.


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