It smells positively Cup-like

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I agree with my pal and favourite philosophy prof Daniel Weinstock. Ca sent la Coupe. Re-sign Michel Therrien for ten more years. Lock up the great Rene Bourque for the rest of his career (he actually did a good imitation of a professional hockey player last night). Great job by the fans at the Bell Centre who turned those sarcastic (Bronx) cheers for Daniel Briere into real cheers (not jeers). I’m setting up my deck chair on Ste. Catherine St. this morning, prepping for the parade to follow the usual route.

Ah the fickle Habs fans. Philippe Falardeau was at the game Saturday night – that embarrassing 5-zip shellacking courtesy of the Washington Capitals – and the noted Quebec filmmaker – who just wrapped work on his first American film, The Good Lie, with Reese Witherspoon – said he’d never seen anything like it.

When Briere let loose the infamous fourth Habs shot of the night about half way through the game, Falardeau said people were standing cheering (jeering) wildly…in contempt. 72 hours later, Montreal wins 3-0 against a not-very-good Carolina Hurricanes team and all of a sudden the city is in a Cup frenzy.

So maybe we should all just calm down. And remember that Les (Petits) Boys are headed to Beantown Thursday to meet the Bruins. In other words, Les Glorieux are a couple of goals away from the Stanley Cup Final.


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