Does Michel Therrien survive the weekend?

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Michel Therrien at the wheel. But for how long? Courtesy of RDS.

Michel Therrien at the wheel. But for how long? Courtesy of RDS.

Short answer?


Longer answer? Ca va mal! No I don’t believe Habs GM Marc Bergevin will hit the panic button and activate the ejector seat on Michel Therrien just yet but, pun intended, the kindly ol’ coach is skating on thin ice. With Les Canadiens’ embarrassing loss Friday night 4-1 to a far-from-great Detroit Red Wings club, Les Boys have now lost three in a row and have let in at least four goals for the fifth straight game.

They’re still sitting in a pretty decent position in the conference – at fourth – but that’s only because of that wild three-week streak in the fall. A few weeks ago, they were well ahead of the competition. Not today. They’re tied with the Maple Leafs – oh the horror! – and those aforementioned Red Wings – who really aren’t that great – are now just three points behind the Hab-nots.

In other words, last night’s was a huge game. Montreal should’ve stormed this game. Instead they were just at best middling. And I for one am sick and tired of Therrien lame defense of these half-baked efforts.

“I really appreciated the team effort tonight,” said Therrien.

What? Was he watching the same game I did? It’s funny he said “team effort” because that’s precisely what this gang is missing – great team play.

So the grumbling about the coach is going into overdrive, as well it should. That’s what happens when team’s play dreadfully like the Habs have in recent weeks. There’s talk that players don’t like Therrien. I’ve heard that Max Pacioretty in particular is no big fan of his coach. I have a hard time imaging P.K. Subban is a card-carrying member of the Therrien fan club.

But Therrien’s probably safe for now. But for how long? If they hit the Olympic break in a couple of weeks and the Habs are still sliding, I’m not sure that Bergevin will be able to resist the temptation to send Therrien packing and reach out to Guy Boucher. Friday on CHOM, Pierre Houde said the Habs are in a rebuilding phase.

But they’re not really. Team management doesn’t believe that. They don’t expect to win the Cup but they want some kind of a playoff run from these lads and I can tell you right now, if the team continues to play like they did this week, they won’t be making any kind of post-season run except the run to the nearest golf course. If they make the playoffs that is.

Highlights of the Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings game Friday, Jan. 24, 2014.



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