Van Riemsdyk mocks Subban after winning goal

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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P.K. Subban2

It’s funny. I had had a couple of conversations Saturday – including one with my pals at the Sport au Gus skate-sharpening temple in N.D.G. – about how no one gets flak like P.K. Subban does. About how the Habs superstar defenseman gets criticized like no other player in Bettman’s League. How he gets booed everywhere like no other player.

All of this was prompted by Ottawa netminder Craig Anderson’s obnoxious comments Friday, where Anderson slammed P.K. for his sweater-tugging celebration Thursday night after scoring against Anderson in overtime to give the Canadiens a dramatic come-from-behind victory over the now-arch-rival Senators. Mitch Melnick was right on the money on this one – as usual! – when he said Anderson should be focused on his sub-par game Thursday rather than on P.K.’s theatrics.

But now this whole thing moves into the realm of the surreal. A great Montreal Toronto match-up Saturday night effectively ended with James van Riemsdyk tipping in a beauty of a goal to seal the deal, leading (with a little help from a play that was ruled to be an empty net goal) to a 5-3 Maple Leafs victory over the Habs. This was a big game.

Then things get wonky. Van Riemsdyk, who looked might happy, goes and celebrates by pulling on his sweater.

Take a look at the sweater-tugging:

Then he later says the celebration was some sort of bizarre mockery of Subban – both of Subban’s celebration Thursday and payback because Subban apparently mouthed off at the Leafs bench after the first Habs goal. WTF!

Let me get this straight. An NHL player was celebrating but wait, he wasn’t really celebrating the goal. He was making fun of a Habs player! How old is van Riemsdyk? Four?

And like no other player in the NHL ever says anything while he’s cruising by the other team’s bench? And no one else celebrates an important OT goal. It’s like Subban said Friday – Patrick Kane celebrates and no one says anything.

This is out of hand. I mean are these clowns in Toronto going to cheer P.K. when he’s in Sochi? Enough’s enough. I’ve been resisting this for months, heck years, but I’ve effin had it.

Subban is the only black superstar in a league notably short on visible minorities, in a sport with a terrible record in terms of bringing in players from non-white backgrounds. And everywhere he goes he gets booed and he gets ridiculed regularly by other players in a league where players seldom criticize each other.

What’s up with this crap? I’m starting to think I know what it is. And it’s really effin ugly. Think about it for a second. It’s shameful. It’s 2014 folks. This is an outrage.

  1. Eric says:

    I had the misfortune of being directed to your ignorant and irresponsible post, and I’d just like to say that yes, as one of those “clowns in Toronto”, I am going to cheer for Subban when he’s on Team Canada. That’s because I’m a fan of Team Canada. As a Leafs fan, I’m going to tell him to suck it after my team beats his team’s ass in a game where he’s irritating and chirping, just like I would any player who did the same thing, regardless of race. It doesn’t make me or anyone else a racist, you hyperbolic fool.

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