Habs pull off some magic tricks worthy of David Copperfield in Ottawa

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Tomas Plekanec

Tomas Plekanec

The Canadiens most certainly did not deserve to leave Ottawa Thursday night with two points in their back pocket. But hey that’s the way the cookie crumbles – the team that scores more goals wins, even if the two last goals were beyond fluky.

Tomas Plekanec goes streaking in on a breakaway on Senators netminder Craig Anderson and tossed the puck right into Anderson, it bounced out and Ottawa defenseman Jared Cowan went and kicked it into the net. The look on Cowan’s face a few seconds later was priceless. That was the goal that tied things up 4-4 late in the third after Montreal had somehow blown an early 3-0 lead and was down 4-3.

Then in overtime, P.K. Subban did his P.K. Subban thing, made some incredible moves in the slot, and let off a decent shot. But Anderson appeared to have it well under control…yet it somehow trickled over the red line. It was just that kind of weird night. Final – 5-4 for the Habs.

Here’s the thing – the win was an illusion, a Vegas trick. The better team lost. And in a way, it might’ve been better in the long run if the Habs had lost 4-3 because then Michel Therrien could’ve really laced into them with some verve after the game. Instead Les Boys will head on to plane with the wrong message bouncing around their heads – hey we can play like crap and still win.

Tonight’s lesson – size matters. It mattered during that playoff series last spring and it mattered Thursday. I just kept watching one Senator after another pin wee Brian Gionta on the boards and watch him squirm. And we’re not even in the playoffs yet when size matters even more.

I said it a few weeks back – the Canadiens’ remarkably good position in the Atlantic division is also an illusion. It sounds crazy but they’re not as good as their point total. (And if they have those points, it’s mostly thanks to Carey Price, who was just stunning yet again tonight.) Just like last season was an illusion. They finished second in the east and then were crushed by a not-great Senators team.

One last thing – can someone please send René Bourque to play in Switzerland? Or somewhere, anywhere except Montreal.

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