How is it possible that Martin St. Louis is NOT on Team Canada

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Martin St. Louis

So we were all girding our loins for the major P.K. Subban protest movement but, alas, there will not be demonstrations in the streets of Montreal with folks wandering around with I Hate Steve Yzerman placards. The Subbanitor is on Team Canada, as well he should be. The real question is why this faux debate is ever started in the first place.

I mean, of course he’s on the Canadian Olympic hockey team. How could he possibly not be. He won the Norris Trophy last year and, if anything, he looks even better this season. So it’s absurd to think you pick eight Canadian defensemen other than Pernell Karl.

So how did this bizarre controversy start? Mitch Melnick wondered aloud on TSN 690 whether anyone of any stature really said P.K. was not going to be on the team? I think it was more a case of the Toronto sports media – all Leafs lovers to a last man – droning on about how he would be No. 7 or 8 on the Canadian team D-man depth chart (and even that was ludicrous). But he’s in and even if Mike Babcock has other ideas, you read it here first that the most exciting Habs player since Lafleur will play his way into the Top Four on the blueline.

Now on to the real controversy. Martin St. Louis is not on Team Canada. C’mon, what the hell is up with that? I can only assume Yzerman and the rest of the ultra-conservative Team Canada poobahs snubbed the Tampa Bay Lightning superstar ‘cos of his height – or lack there-of.

From atom hockey on upwards, coaches and managers are obsessed with height. They pick the tall boys first, even if they don’t know from skating or scoring, and ignore the smaller kids, even if those height-challenged players have the softest hands in the league. And that’s exactly what’s going on here. St. Louis is listed at five-foot, eight inches and I gotta think that one stat is keeping him off the team. And that’s just stupid.

Look at this guy’s numbers. In 42 games this season, he has 17 goals and 38 points. In last year’s shortened season, he had 17 goals and 60 points in 48 games! The year before, 25 goals and 74 points in 77 games. In 2010-2011, St. Louis had 31 goals and 99 points in 82 games.

Want me to go on? 2009-10, 29 goals and 94 points in 82 games. 2008-09, 30 goals and 80 points in 82 games. 2007-08, 25 goals and 83 points in 82 games. 2006-07, 43 goals and 102 points in 82 games. 2005-06, 31 goals and 61 points in 80 games. You skip the lock-out season and you’re on to 2003-04, when St. Louis had 38 goals and 94 points in 82 games.

So if you forget this season and last year’s shortened season, here is St. Louis’s average production over the previous eight NHL seasons – 32 goals and 86 points a year. You find me another player who even comes close to those totals (and whose name isn’t Sidney Crosby).

And just imagine the kind of leadership that Laval’s favourite hockey star would bring to the room. He’s battled against all the naysayers who said a little guy could never make the Big Leagues. He made it to Tampa Bay after no team would bother drafting him. And in this bigger, tougher NHL, he’s got the job done…and some.

But he’s not good enough for Team Canada. Outrageous.

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