Now that was one entertaining hockey game! Or: The P.K. Subban Show

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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P.K. Subban 1

Pierre Houde put it best – ‘C’est le spectacle P.K. Subban.’ It was an exciting game on so many fronts – almost all of the goals were beauties – but there’s no question that the star of the show Thursday night in Dallas was the defenseman that so many have been hinting simply isn’t good enough to play in Sochi. Subban was quite simply spectacular, picking up a goal and three assists in the Habs 6-4 victory over the Dallas Stars.

His stretch pass to U.S. Olympic Team forward Max Pacioretty was an eye-catcher and his fancy footwork before sending a seeing-eye pass to Davey Desharnais to score was also totally brilliant. And P.K.’s goal was also the stuff of highlight reels. Is Subban the most exciting player in hockey right now? He’s most surely Top Five.

So can someone send this highlight reel to Team Canada boss Steve Yzerman? And can the TSN talking-heads please stop saying he’s on the Olympic bubble?

How crazy was this game? As my pal Sarah Shoucri pointed out, even wee Davey D. had loads of chances to score. Nuts! And Patch continued his torrid run, picking up his 18th and 19th goal.

But the excitement didn’t just come courtesy of Les Boys. Valeri Nichushkin scored on a penalty shot in the second period with a speed-of-light zinger that Pricer didn’t even catch a glimpse of and Tyler Seguin rocketed a slapshot behind Price in the third, for his 21st of the season.

In short, it was a blast. Sure the two coaches undoubtedly hated this fire-wagon hockey and there is the small detail that the Habs almost blew another major lead – going in rapid-fire fashion from 4-2 to 4-4 in the third – but hey it sure was fun stuff compared to the turgid affairs the Canadiens have been serving up in recent weeks.


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