Just how bad were the Habs in Sunrise Sunday?

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Raphael Diaz, Peter Budaj

Raphael Diaz, Peter Budaj

That was my question du jour Sunday. I had listened to a good chunk of the game on the radio, as usual just loving the play-by-play of Martin McGuire and the colour commentary of Dany Dube on 98.5, one of the best hockey duos in the broadcast biz. The thing with McGuire is he can make any game seem exciting so it was a blast to listen. But the sense I got was this was a pretty sad-sack effort from Les Boys, who dropped the game 4-1 to the Florida Panthers.

Here’s what a few of you answered to that question on Twitter and Facebook.

My pal and music scribe Erik Leijon tweeted: “Markov, Emelin, Patches, DD and Gallagher were a combined minus infinity today.”

Allen Mendelsohn tweeted: “We were terrible. (only 16 characters needed)

(I had asked for 140-character summaries of the game.)

Guillaume St-Onge: “On a presqu’été aussi poches que les arbitres, ce qui n’est pas peu dire.”

Alin Delong: “Pas mal? Atroce, on est tanné du manque d’intensité et des joueurs invisibles!”

Danny: “Plus endormant que la match d’hier. Flat à l’offensive. Une defensive minable.”

You actually have to see the French version of my question to understand the following response. So here was my question en francais: “J’ai ecouté la moitée du match à la radio – le grand Martin McGuire – et j’avais l’impression que les Canadiens étaient pas mal pourri.Vrai?”

Catherine Hamel: “Totalement… Comme toujours ;)”

N. Carreiro: “Minables et mous, exsangues et pathétiques.”

And on to Facebook for the same question:

Stewart Dowbiggin: “lifeless; in any language….

David Winch: “One thing: I posted after the juniors Czech game that Florida had to be crazy not to take Jonathan Drouin with their No. 2 draft pick in 2013: the kid looks like the next Yzerman. But the player Florida picked instead, Alex Barkov, looked really good last night, too, so we will see… Panthers may no longer be pushovers.”

Short version? We’re getting a little nervous, restless and cranky in the Habs Nation.



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