Lars Eller

Lars Eller

Well that was a snoozer. After a tough week without Habs hockey, the Habs Nation gathered on the couch Saturday night to watch les Canadiens back in action for the first time since the Christmas break and all of us were ready to once again celebrate our favourite hockey club in the universe.

Sadly we instead had to watch one of the duller hockey games I’ve seen in quite some time. Though there is actually quite a bit of competition on the dull-hockey-game front with the Habs these days. The past weeks have been chock full of some pretty deadly games. Earlier this season, there was an excitement to the Canadiens’ games, mainly sparked by The Kid Line of Lars Eller, Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk.

But since Michel (I Swear I’m Not Jacques Martin) Therrien started juggling the lines, there’s been no chemistry to this team and the three Kids just haven’t been the same.

Saturday night, both the Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning looked like they were struggling with a major turkey hangover and it was just remarkably sloppy hockey. How sloppy? Well let’s just say that we had a lot more tape-to-tape passes in our shinny games this week than either team managed Saturday.

In jest, I suggested just before the shootout that these two teams could probably make that highly-entertaining game-ender a dull affair. Well guess what? The shootout was also a remarkably sleepy affair, with the exception of Eller’s eye-catching game-winning goal. Other positives? The game’s over. No, well both Tomas Plekanec and Martin St. Louis scored nifty goals and Bolts’ exec Steve Yzerman, who also happens to be the Team Canada power broker, got to see Carey Price in fine form and P.K. Subban in pretty good form.

The final score – 2-1 for the Good Guys.

Next – bring on the Panthers….and wake me up when it’s over.

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