The Habs have lost that lovin’ feeling…and their scoring touch

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So that’s eight straight games that the Habs have not scored in the first period. Bizarre. We were talking about that at the sleeper of a game Tuesday night at the Bell Centre – how is it that the Habs show up for a game and look totally and utterly unprepared to face the opposing team?

At least Tuesday there was a bit of a party in the loge and the Canadiens managed to pull-out a win after waking up in the third period. They weren’t so lucky tonight. They never woke up and were seriously out-classed by a much better St. Louis Blues squad. Result? 5-1 for the Blues.

This one has to just drive Carey Price nuts. His team can’t score and the D-men mostly let the Blues have their way in the Habs zone. So through no fault of his, Pricer once again came up short against his arch-nemesis Jaroslav Halak.

One last thing. So is Michel Bergeron already permanently gone from L’Antichambre? There was Carbo in Bergie’s seat tonight. Wow. They don’t lose any time. If you missed the news, Le Tigre is off to join TVA Sports, a move that is quite the P.R. blow to RDS and another boost for TVA Sports, which now has a big chunk of Habs regular-season games and all of the NHL playoff games.


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