Enough with The Code! I’m happy to see Shawn Thornton out for 15 games!

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Shawn Thornton.

Shawn Thornton.

There should be a law against allowing such boring games to take place on a Saturday night. That Montreal Canadiens New York Islanders snoozer was one deadly party-killer.

As the Bay City Rollers put it all those years ago, ‘It’s Saturday night’ and ’round these parts, that means hockey on TV in one of two official languages.

I still like to torture myself with Hockey Night in Canada so I can see Don Cherry make a mockery of the notion of public broadcasting. Did you see him last night? He of course weighed in on the news that Shawn Thornton received a 15-game suspension and, surprise surprise, he thought the League was too tough on one of his beloved Bruins.

‘If Orpik makes a hit like that, he has to pay the price,’ opined Grapes.

He was simply echoing the argument heard on sports tribunes all week – that Orpik had to receive a little payback for his hit earlier on the game on Boston’s Loui Eriksson. First off, that hit was a legal hit, period. Second, even if it was a suspendable offense, are these hockey pundits seriously suggesting that The Code dictates that if you commit such a crime, you’ll have to be ready to be jumped from behind, thrown to the ice, and have your head pounded into the ice?

Even Garry Bettman’s Mickey Mouse League – which has so often condoned dangerous play – understands that there’s no place for this in professional hockey. But meanwhile so many hockey-media gabbers – including both Cherry and P.J. Stock from Hockey Night in Canada – have been suggesting this somehow this would not have happened if only Orpik had followed The Code and fought with Thornton after that first Eriksson hit.

That doesn’t even make sense. The Thornton/Orpik incident happened not ’cause of the Eriksson hit but rather as a result of James Neal’s reprehensible knee to the head of a sprawled Brad Marchand.

So I’m glad Thornton’s out for 15 games and would’ve been even happier if the League slapped him with a 20-game suspension. This is going to hurt his team and hurt his pocket-book – he’ll lose just under $85,000.

But it astonishes me that so many over-paid talking heads still go around making excuses for this kind of crap. They should be ashamed of themselves.


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