The Habs find a way to win…again

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Brandon Prust.

Brandon Prust.

That was Ken Dryden’s line in the greatest book ever written about hockey, The Game, which has just been re-released on the 30th anniversary of its publication. The Habs netminder was talking about the fabled 1976-77 Canadiens, who lost just eight games all season, and only one at home! Dryden recalled that they would always somehow find a way to win, no matter how bad they might be playing.

Now let’s not get crazy and compare the 2013-14 Habs to that era-defining squad but right now – ten games into a streak without a regulation-time loss – it’s hard not to think of Dryden’s words. These guys do indeed find a way to win.

Saturday night might’ve sounded like a gimme, playing against the Buffalo Sabres, one of the worst teams in hockey this season, but those are often the teams hungry for a win. So it wasn’t a cakewalk, with Les Boys just managing a 3-2 victory.

It was the fourth liners who came to the rescue. The first goal was an all-fourth-line production with Travis Moen getting the puck to Ryan White who then fed Brandon Prust for the goal. On the second marker, Moen got it to Prust who showed quick hands whipping the puck out to Tomas Plekanec (just coming on the ice) to score.

And thus this wild ride continues. One pal said this run is like an odd market surge. So when does the market crash? Or does it?


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