P.J. Stock comes up with weird defense of Shawn Thornton attack on Brooks Orpik

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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That was just horrifying. Bruins tough guy Shawn Thornton jumps off the bench, leaps on Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik, throws him to the ice and starts punching him in the head with Orpik lying on the ice. This comes after the Pens’ James Neal kneed Boston’s Brad Marchand in the head while Marchand was lying on the ice. The whole thing was just beyond despicable.

But pretty straight-ahead. It’s all so wrong. There’s no place for this crap in hockey and the league should come down hard on Neal and Thornton. Clear-cut right?

Well not to Hockey Night in Canada analyst P.J. Stock. He comes on the After 40 Minutes segment and in a confusing way seems to suggest the whole thing is somehow due to the fact that Orpik didn’t drop his gloves in the first period when Thornton asked him to fight, following a hard Orpik hit on the Bruins’ Loui Eriksson.

My thought on Stock’s comments? Did he really just say that on our public broadcaster? Watch the video of Thornton attacking Orpik and then just imagine trying to even suggest there is some justification for that kind of violence.

  1. Bob Jones says:

    I have a new respect for Stock. He said it perfectly. Didn’t say what Thornton did was right BUT said things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand in the first place if Orpik would have dropped the gloves, which would have also deterred the knee to the head to Marchand. If anything, that was the worse one of the three incidences.

    Good on Stock to stand up and tell it how it is.

  2. KLW says:

    There is no justification for what Thornton did. And Orpik did the smart thing not fighting Thornton. Orpik’s hit on Eriksson was a clean, legal check. He was doing his job for the team as opposed to Thornton who was a disgrace for himself and his team. In addition, I had thought Thornton was on the ice – if he jumped off the bench to attack Orpik that makes what happened even worse.

  3. Marc Harroch says:

    PJ couldn’t have said it better! Do me a favour go watch a league that has absolutely NO fighting… The guys are soooo much tougher, there is no policing and what Orpik did to Erickson is much more prevalent… If a guy like Orpik wants to head hunt then he should drop the gloves and if he did with Thornton earlier in that game he would have finished the game on the ice rather than in a hospital bed. I am 110% on Stock’s side, I even said it before he did.

    I do not accept what Thornton has done BUT that is his job as an enforcer and the conclusion definitely was not what he anyone would have wanted. I would be more concerned about what NEAL did to Marchand. That is what we should be talking about. A knee to the head of someone lying on the ice???? What if Marchand was Knocked out and when to the hospital? Would we be talking about that incident ???

    All I am saying is the NHL and teams needs guys like Thornton to keep the PEACE in hockey…


  4. Ribshack says:

    How do you rip a guy for saying something and not quote him in your post? That’s laziness.

  5. Joe says:

    About time Orpik got what was comming to him! Brutal hit on Errikson and should be suspendable like the same type of hit on Eller last playoffs.

  6. Yellowbelly says:

    You’re correct; there is no justification for what Thornton did, but you’re also daft if you believe Thornton would have even attempted to go at Orpik if he had fought after his head shot on Eriksson. Orpik, by not responding to Thornton’s challenge just added fuel to the fire after Shawn found out at intermission the extent of the injury to Eriksson. I don’t condone fighting after a player receives a clean hit, but if you don’t think Eriksson’s concussion was caused by Orpik’s shoulder pad striking his skull then you’ve shown your lack of knowledge regarding the sport.

    I agree 100% with Stock that this incident would not have occurred if Orpik had fought earlier. Thornton received 15 games (deservingly so), but I bet his teammate Eriksson will be out longer.

    If the NHL really wants to eliminate these concussions then they should be looking at changing shoulder & elbow pads. Pads that were supposed to be for protection are now like armour, and receiving a hit in motion is like a punch from Tyson. With hockey being so fast, I do believe most players are not “targeting” opponents heads, but since heads & shoulders often line up, I believe these will become an epidemic in our sport.

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