The Habs’ secret weapon – Denis Coderre

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Maybe this is just what the Habs needed – some classic bulletin-board material from newly-elected Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

M. Coderre tweeted Sunday to opine: ‘Allo? Un billet simple pour Hamilton pour David Desharnais svp.’

Translation: ‘Can I please get a one-way ticket to Hamilton for David Desharnais.’

The tweet had me going back to the great Jam song I posted when Coderre was elected, Going Underground, which contains the following line: “The public wants what the public gets/And I don’t get what society wants.”

You wanted a mayor whose main claim-to-fame was tweeting the Habs so you got just that.

Look I agree that Davey Desharnais is in big trouble, with just one measly assist in his last 17 games, as Dave Stubbs underlined in his column. But it is beyond inappropriate for the mayor to jump in and publicly insult one of the Canadiens players. It shows a total lack of judgment. But that’s Coderre. There he was Monday night on L’Antichambre, laughing it up with the bitter ex-coaches, all of whom were falling over themselves in a frenzy of self-congratulation, going on and on about how AC is the greatest TV innovation since The Sopranos. (It isn’t.)

But maybe this is just what the Hab-nots needed. Me and my pal Terry DiMonte got into one of our good-spirited online spats Monday night. I gave Coderre the Glaswegian salute – don’t ask! – in a tweet, saying: ‘Denis Coderre on L’Antichambre. Truly pathetic. The Habs tweeter mayor. The public gets what the public wants.’ And DiMonte replied: ‘Jeezuz Brendan, you could give him a chance. The city could use a little luck. Ya can’t wait till he’s in office?’

Then Steve Rukavina from CBC weighed into the fray, noting: ‘the tweet seems to have had the effect of uniting the team #reversepsychology?’

Many of Desharnais’s team-mates were pretty peeved with M. Coderre, notably Max Pacioretty, who got more worked up talking about this than he has at any time on the ice during a game this season.

‘I’m very, very upset about that,’ said Pacioretty (quoted in a Sports Illustrated piece). ‘What, do you think he’s gonna coach our team tomorrow? That’s embarrassing…To bring down a player — such a great person, such a great player, such a hard worker … Davey’s a true competitor and he’s a great player and a great teammate, and that’s just so uncalled for. It’s only going to make matters worse.’

So maybe it’ll get them fired up…and help them win some games. As for Desharnais? Hmmm maybe he might want to call up Projet Montreal and see if he can join Team Anti-Coderre.


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