When the Leafs are more exciting than the Habs….

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Dion Phaneuf, star of our Saturday night.

Dion Phaneuf, star of our Saturday night.

Was your Saturday night as miserable as mine? Like what the hell is up with that? No Habs game!

So we’re all reduced to watching a Leafs Bruins game on Hockey Night in Canada. I mean it just doesn’t get any sadder than that. Saturday night’s alright…for watching the Leafs.

So I’m stumbling around Twitter and suggesting that I might be reduced to tweeting about this Boston Toronto match-up – which led Sebastien Cliche to quip that I was perhaps “metatweeting” the game, as in tweeting about the tweets (or the lack there-of). (Eds. note: This is simply too deep for me.)

Then TSN 690’s Mitch Melnick entered the fray, throwing down the gauntlet by tweeting: “Sorry to say but Leafs are usually more entertaining than Habs.”

Well that one stopped me dead in my tracks. ‘Cos, sadly enough, he’s right. Filmmaker Rafael Ouellet also weighed in, noting that the Bruins Leafs tilt I was grumbling about was a great game. And he was right too – though just a wee bit biased since a Toronto-Boston dance is a dream scenario for Ouellet, a great filmmaker cursed in his non-film life by an irrational love for the Leafs and Bruins.

That’s what it’s come down to – the Leafs are more fun to watch than the Habs. How bad are things? The Hab-nots have lost four in a row, kindly ol’ coach Michel Therrien has torn a page from the dull-as-dull Jacques Martin playbook and has his team focusing on blocking shots rather than putting shots in the net, P.K. Subban is in the coach’s dog-house, and Les Boys have scored a grand total of 11 goals in their last seven games.

Au secours!

Oh yeah and the Canadiens are clinging for dear life to eighth place in the East, while the once-lowly Leafs are firmly seated in the driver’s seat in third place. Many said it and sadly they were right – Montreal is a .500 team at best and if they go anywhere, it’s with superior coaching. Enter Therrien, a fellow who blew it the first time ’round in Montreal and lost the room in spectacular fashion in Pittsburgh. Just the man for the job.

Things aren’t going well? What to do? Well pick on Subban of course! Cos you know he’s the problem. He leads the team in points, just won the Norris trophy and is the most spectacular player to lace-up for the team since Guy Lafleur.

Stu Cowan had a good column in The Gaz Saturday comparing L’Affaire Subban to L’Affaire Chelios. The most depressing line in the piece? “It was actually 20 years after the trade from the Canadiens before Chelios retired at age 48.”

So are they set to run another superstar defenseman out of town? Stu quotes Mario Tremblay, who is indeed something of an authority in the matter of mediocre coaches taking on superstar players.

“Sometimes those kids have to be put in their place,” opines Tremblay.

I’m not going to even go there. Let’s just quickly recap what happened to after Tremblay put Patrick Roy in his place – Roy won two Stanley Cups, had great success in the Q and is now doing not so bad with the Avs. Not-so-super Mario? Yeah exactly. Well I mean being on L’Antichambre is quite prestigious no?

So to go back to an earlier Twitter debate from this week – no it is not too early to panic. It is never too early to panic in Habsville. It’s our fallback position.


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