The loss of Brandon Prust is a disaster for the Habs

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A disaster. There’s no other word to describe it. News broke Monday morning that Brandon Prust will be out for four weeks with a shoulder injury and most Habs fans, this one included, are feeling pretty panicked right about this second.

As soon as Prust went smashing into the boards Saturday night in that painful – pun intended – loss to the Predators, I turned to my pal and we both agreed it looked real bad for the guy who is the heart’n’soul of this Canadiens team. And now it’s confirmed he’s gone for a month.

Do you need to be reminded of who else we’re missing? Max Pacioretty is on the sidelines for three weeks. Big George Parros went down face first in the first game of the season and is still not close to returning. Off-season signing Douglas Murray, another big body, has yet to play his first regular-season game for his new team and remains on the injured list.

Alexie Emelin, one of the team’s best defensemen, isn’t due back until December, still recovering from running hard into the freight train that is Milan Lucic last season.

The Habs also lost Daniel Briere Saturday night, victim of what looked for all intents and purposes like an accidental head-shot from Eric Nystrom on Saturday night. Who knows when Briere will be back. He’s missed games in both of the past two seasons due to concussions. Obviously Briere has not exactly been lighting up the score-board but it still means one less body for the coach to deal with.

On Monday, Les Canadiens called up Michael Blunden and Patrick Holland from the Hamilton Bulldogs but that’s a Band-Aid solution. This team is in deep doo-dah here. So what do you do? Wait it out and hope Carey Price can save you with even more heroics? Or do you reach out and try to pick up some talent to replace the wounded soldiers?

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Marc Bergevin’s office this afternoon.


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