As the Habs world turns…..

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Admit it. This is one of the things we love about the Habs – and life in Montreal: The prime-time reality show that is the Montreal Canadiens.

It’s a non-stop 24/7 soap opera with more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel. (I know, the As the World Turns reference in the headline is dating me but you oldsters will appreciate the shout-out.)

And the latest installment in this teleroman stars Louis Leblanc, the former first-round draft choice of the Canadiens who has been in the spotlight ever since the team snapped him up at the 2009 draft for the very good reason that he’s that rarest of creatures, a homegrown potential star.

But the Pointe Claire centre’s star has faded considerably since. He spent last season in the minors with the Hamilton Bulldogs ending the year with a mediocre 18 points in 62 games. Gaz columnist Pat Hickey suggests the Habs brass, including kindly ol’ coach Michel Therrien, didn’t like Leblanc’s attitude last year, “when he was unhappy with his role as a checking forward in Hamilton,” according to Hickey.

Earlier this week, Leblanc was cut from the Canadiens’ rookie camp and sent back to Hamilton, surprising many observers, given that a lot of younger, less proven players are still sticking around with the Big Team.

But the soap-opera aspect of all this went viral when Quebec tennis player Aleksandra Wozniak took to Twitter – where else? – to blast the Habs decision.

The Blainville-born tennis star tweeted: “He did everything the CH organization told him to do and what … get cut this early? Oh and the reason … worst excuse ever! This is wrong.”

The  tweets were later deleted but as so many of us have discovered in the Wild West of the social-media world circa 2013, the delete button no longer works. You’re stuck with it forever thanks to the wonder of retweeting.

The funniest thing here is that her Twitter road-rage effectively broke the news that she and Leblanc are a couple, which was news to everyone, including the local hockey press corps. And that begs the question – what the heck’s going on with this hockey journalists ici? If we can’t trust these folks to tell us who the Habs are dating, how can we be confident they have the right stuff to report on Carey Price’s chill-out style in the crease?

So what other burning Habs news is being swept under the rug? How is married life treating What Me Worry Price? Where is P.K. Subban hanging these days? How much trouble is it for George Parros to bend way down to chat with his team-mates?

The world wants to know.


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