It’s deja-vu all over again for the Habs

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The first thing I saw this morning was the following email from a pal of mine.

He wrote: “So it only took two games to elicit the dreaded headlines: Price struggles in loss to Bruins. Montreal goes 12 minutes ‎without a shot to start the game. Sound familiar? Are we already doomed to yet another  season of ‎disappointment?”

Too fatalistic? Maybe. But let’s face it, he represents a lot of Habs fans. Even my Gaz colleague Pat Hickey was pretty grumpy in his game report, noting how long it took for Les Boys to get a shot on goal and underlining Carey Price’s shaky play.

It was a pretty pathetic game by even definition. What Me Worry Price was mediocre, looking godawful on two of the three goals, and there was little to be excited about, with the exception of one very cool P.K. Subban goal and that piece of poetry-in-motion with skillful hobbits Daniel Briere and David Desharnais collaborating to then have DD feed a perfect pass to Max Pacioretty for the nicest goal of the night. The much-vaunted meeting of the Subbans? A bust. P.K. got one shot on his younger brother Malcolm and the wisecracking goalie called it “the slowest shot ever. A little knucklepuck.”

I wasn’t watching closely – I was still recovering from the Gemeaux Gala the night before – but it was uninspiring stuff.

That said, I hate to admit I agree with Pricey on something but he was right all those years ago when he told the ink-stained wretches to “just chill out man” – insert Cheech and Chong joke here – after a particularly poor exhibition game (against the same Bruins if I’m not mistaken). You really can’t predict much of anything based on these meaningless games that are nothing more than cynical cash grabs on the part of the teams.

So let’s wait ’til Oct. 1…..and then start grumbling at full volume.


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