The Habs are smartening up

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Douglas Murray.

Douglas Murray.

Arpon Basu has tweeted to quote Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin saying that Douglas Murray “will bring a physical dimension to our team and is a significant addition to our group of defencemen.”

But I think the oh-so-slick fashionista that is M. Bergevin is not telling the whole truth here. Sure picking up a solid 33-year-old D-man like Murray will bolster the Habs’ blue-line crew.  He’s six-foot-three and 245 pounds, which makes him bigger than most of his Hobbity team-mates (heck he could probably bench-lift the team’s top-six fowards without breaking a sweat).

So this is all good. But I think Bergevin has a secret agenda here. He appears intent on upping the team’s IQ. Earlier in the summer, he picked up bruiser George Parros. Now noted intellectual Georges Laraque may claim that Parros is no heavy-weight – I believe gros Georges called him “a wrestler” – but don’t forget Parros has a degree from Princeton. He wrote his thesis for his economics degree on a West Coast longshoreman’s labour dispute. (Eds. note: Don’t you have a B.A. in economics from McGill? You and the ‘Stache would get on like a house on fire.)

Parros was named the fourth-smartest athlete in sports in a 2010 survey by the Sporting News. (Eds. note: Where did Laraque place in that list?)

In the same survey, Murray was ranked as the 16th smartest athlete in sports. He has a degree in hotel administration from Cornell University. He is also the co-founder and managing partner of something called the Uber Dispenser Co., a company that produces the Uber Tap, a keg tap with three spouts. Some undergrads just jug drinks at the frat house – Murray and a few of his pals at Cornell may have been doing the same thing but they also stopped drinking long enough to invent this keg tap.

The interesting twist with Murray is that in spite of his name, he hails from Bromma, Sweden, and the former Pittsburgh Penguin and San Jose Shark has full-on Swedish roots on his mother’s side. (Eds. note: Don’t tell Don Cherry.) His family on his dad’s side come from Scotland.

So all of a sudden the Canadiens’ dressing room is going to be a smarter place. It’s going to be gold for the town’s hockey scribes. Now the players will be talking economics, hotel management and longshoreman’s politics. No more ‘i’m taking this one-shift at a time’!


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