I am not feeling this Daniel Brière deal…..

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Another wee lad down the hobbit hole that is the Montreal Canadiens.

Okay a tad harsh, I know. Look Daniel Brière is a quality player but he’s hardly in his prime. Six goals and ten assists in last year’s shortened season is not prime-time material. The year before, it was 16 goals and 33 assists, which is just okay. So it’s a guy on the downward slide by any definition.

But the real problem is his size – or his lack there-of. Five-foot/ten, 180 pounds. That’s not the end of the world, on a normal team. But the Habs are not a normal team. They’re a small team. They’re Team Smurf. (Eds. note: Thanks M. Gainey and Gauthier!)

And weirder still – we all thought Marc Bergevin understood that, in sharp contrast to the odd fellows who used to run the team. After the season and at the draft, Bergevin talked about getting bigger. Then he goes and signs Brière. Weird.

Then there’s the fact Brière already turned down the Habs, back in ’07, opting for the Flyers, later saying he preferred the relative anonymity of Phillie as opposed to the goldfish-bowl atmosphere of Montreal. That kind of comment really rubs me the wrong way. You don’t want the pressure of a great hockey town like Montreal? Then we don’t want you pal. For a French Quebec guy to not want to play for the Canadiens is just pathetic.

Now he’s changed hit tune cos he’s not such a hot commodity. Man it’s not good. It actually reminds me a bit of when les Habs picked-up Denis Savard after passing him up in the draft all those years ago. But by then, Savard was washed-up, infamously sitting in his suit watching the team win the Cup. I remember Mark Lepage saying of the Savard deal that it was like hooking up with the girl you had the hots for in high-school……when you meet her and you’re both in you’re forties. Not good. (Eds. note: What if she’s still hot?)

Hey while we’re chatting, so which of the centres are the Habs going to trade now they’ve got Brière? Plekanec or Desharnais? Since DD’s too-lucrative deal makes him virtually untradeable, I’d assume this is the end of Plek’s tenure here.

They have to trade one of them. Obviously Brière is your number one centre so that leaves one of those chaps for the second line….and the other without a job. Interesting times.

  1. epmck says:

    I agree completely. Why did we go this route?
    Also Marc B said you do not build a team thru FA!
    So what gives ?

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