Zdeno Chara

Zdeno Chara

I’m so tired of all these Habs fans grumbling about the Bruins, saying they’re a dirty team, that the only reason they’re where they are is goonery, cheatery and trickery.

If you’re still saying that today, then you’re not watching this white-knuckle Stanley Cup Final. The Montrealers who hate the Bruins are just like the many folks ’round these parts who love to diss Toronto, the city, but haven’t set a foot in T-dot since 1976. They’re talking past-due-date nonsense that has no connection to reality.

The Bruins are the real deal man. They’re a great team, period. And those Habsters looking down their noses at them do it at their own peril. Just try looking down at the Not-So-Gentle-Giant Chara – and you’ll soon realize that The Incredible Hulk is the one who does the looking down at people and if you don’t believe that one just ask Bryan Brickell what it’s like to have Shrek straddling you!

The B-Town mobsters have been smothering the superstars of the Blackhawks because, three games in, they’ve been the better team. And I’ll say it again – Chicago coach Joel Quenneville has to re-adjust or his team is going the way of the Penguins.

The Bruins are in the Hawks’ heads. Just like they were in the Pens’ heads. And the same thing is happening. The Blackhawks are getting frustrated and they’re resorting to playing Bruins’ hockey. Remember Montreal did it that night when everyone got in a fight and need I remind you how that ended – the Bruins beat up all of our guys. We can’t fight the Big Bad Bruins and neither can the Blackhawks. Go back and talk to Bickell.

It’s not goonery. It’s tough no-frills hockey with a little help from some magnificently talented players. Patrice Bergeron has been amazing. Jaromir Jagr has transformed himself into a gritty role player and every time he’s on the ice, watch out. I mean did you see Jagr’s seeing-eye pass across the crease to Bergeron for that power play goal Monday night in the Bruin’s 2-zip hockey-lesson for the Blackhawks at the Garden?

Habs fans love to hate the Bruins but while we were all whining about how Chara was a serial killer, Boston management was constructing a Team Built to Win Cups. The Habs? Our oddball bosses were busy building a team built for success in the first third of the season when no one’s hitting hard and small guys can do okay.

We need to get bigger, tougher and smarter now. The good news is Marc Bergevin knows this. How do I know he knows? Because he learned the ropes on a big, tough, smart Cup-winning team. The problem with Bergevin’s old big, tough, smart team is they’ve just run into a bigger, tougher, smarter team.

Sure it ain’t over. All Chicago has to do is win Wednesday night. But they won’t win by playing the way they did Monday.

Oh one more thing. Don’t fight Chara. Ever. Be nice to him. That way he’s less likely to sit on you.

– Brendan



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