So has P.K. Subban won the Norris Trophy?

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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P.K. Subban 1

Nick Kypreos from Sportsnet tweeted Monday to say that sources in New York and Montreal have confirmed that P.K. Subban has won the Norris Trophy.

True? Good chance. Why? Cos there is some justice in the world.

But how accurate is the report? Francois Gagnon was on C’est Bien Meilleur le Matin on the Premiere Chaine (eds. note: Ici Radio, non??) Tuesday morning and he said Subban has close ties to Sportsnet and that he likely blabbed after being invited to the TV awards show Saturday. Apparently they are only inviting the winners this year because it’s a shortened show, which will run on CBC just before the second game of the Bruins Blackhawks Final on Saturday night.

So the theory goes, Subban got the invite and immediately told his pal Kypreos. We do know that Subban likes to talk so it’s not impossible to believe.

The other Norris nominees are Kris Letang from the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ryan Suter from the Minnesota Wild.

And you know what? Subban should win it. He was the best defenseman in the League last season. It wasn’t just the 11 goals and 38 points – he was consistently the best man on the ice for his team every night.

And Habs GM Marc Bergevin should sign him to a long-term deal this summer. He low-balled P.K. last fall and at the time everyone applauded Bergevin for playing bad cop – well everyone except me – but if he doesn’t lock Subban up for several years, he’ll lose him at the end of the season. You read it here first.

Check out just one aspect of Subban’s exciting game – his monster hits.

And here’s the classic old highlight reel. (Eds. note: We need an updated YouTube Subban highlight reel folks!)

  1. jgthibault says:

    Except for one hit on Krejci, it was all clear hits (no elbow, no head targeting, only shoulder (or back) in the stomach). This is pretty rare, look at Scott Stevens or Dion Phaneuf or any big hitting defenceman and they all have the elbow pretty high.

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