Let us now praise the Bruins (again)….and criticize Sidney Crosby

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What a shocker! The Boston Bruins sweep the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-zip, outscore the Pens 12-2, shut-out Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. WTF!!!! (Where’s the Food!)

First-off, I’ll say it again. You gotta respect these Bruins. Best line on the series comes courtesy of my old pal Daniel Weinstock on Facebook: “Pittsburgh-Boston series: proof that teams beat assemblages.” The philosopher king nails it once again.

The Bs are the ultimate team. This is not a group built around a superstar. Yeah Zdeno Chara is a mega-star – his status simply solidified with his baseball catch of a Malkin shot flying toward an empty net in the dying seconds while lying on the ice with Tuukka Rask completely out of position.

But there’s much more to the Bruins than their mean six-foot-nine defenseman. How about Brad Marchand? I know, I know, I hate him too but let’s just admit – as Ray Ferraro suggested Friday on TSN 690 – that Marchand is this era’s Claude Lemieux – a clutch playoff player who plays nasty, drives the other team’s players nuts and then plays smart when it counts. Who set up Adam McQuaid with a just-perfect pass for the lone goal of the game last night? Ben oui, it was Marchand. The same guy who much earlier in the game, was holding on and just not letting go of Crosby’s stick as the superstar made his way to the Pens bench. That’s called getting under a guy’s skin and it works.

You need more? What about the Horton-Lucic-Krejci line? Best line in the League? Just asking. David Krejci leads all playoff scorers with 21 points, Nathan Horton is second with 17 and Milan Lucic is in ninth position with 13 points. But obviously Lucic does so much more than put points on the board – he’s a force every time he’s out there. Horton? I know, us Habs fans hate him for the very good reason that he scored two – count ’em two – overtime goals against Montreal in that heartbreaking playoff series two years ago. We hate him but if Marc Bergevin could pick him up this summer, we’d change our views on Horton Hears a Who pretty damn quickly.

And how about Rask? Yeah yeah Price is a thoroughbred (who’s never won nuttin in the playoffs) but this former back-up netminder is the real deal. He stopped 134 of 136 shots in the series. Nuff said. If they win it all, he’s your Conn Smythe man.

Then there’s Sid who’s not a Kid. I don’t much like the guy. I haven’t since the spring of 2010 when he was such a bad sport in that shocking seven-game loss to Halak (I mean the Habs). He just wouldn’t give the Canadiens any credit. That’s called being a sore loser and I don’t like it one bit. And it was the same thing Friday night.

“I don’t feel like they totally shut us down,” said Crosby after the loss Friday. “I feel like we got chances, but Rask made some big saves.”

That is what I call a no-class comment. Be a man Sid and just admit the Bruins were the better team. They outscored you 12-2 and you had a horrible series. The “best player in hockey” was held off the scoreboard – and looked like a ghost most nights – while his team was swept in humiliating fashion. Even Malkin fared better. Yeah he didn’t score but he had great chance after great chance.

But not Crosby. This series is gonna be a stain on his career. No other way to look at it. He’s the captain. He’s the superstar. It’s his team. And they collapsed. The coach will pay the price but Crosby should’ve at least stood up and took the blame. I’m unimpressed.

Now bring on that Bruins Hawks final. Oh baby, it’s going to be a dandy.

– Brendan



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