Well that was special…..or how the Habs are ruining my life

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’ve always said there’s never a dull moment with our Habs and that was proved again tonight. After a humiliating defeat Sunday, the Canadiens stormed back Tuesday to take a 2-0 lead with goals from the “kids”, thanks to two just-beautiful shots from P.K. Subban and Alex Galchenyuk, both Top Shelf by the way.

Then the refs decide it’s okay to kick in a puck on the first Senators goal and when things get tight in last couple of minutes, the same officials call two straight bogus icing calls on the Habs. Then Ottawa ties it up. Carey Price gets injured and those same Sens win it in overtime with a blooper goal.

But I’m not going to lay the blame on the refs for this one. They were crap but they’ve been crap this entire series. No the real goat is the Habs and just maybe Habs coach Michel Therrien. They sat on that 2-zip lead throughout the third and that’s just nonsensical Jacques Martin-style hockey.

You know Montreal can easily blow a two-goal lead. Just ask Ted Bird about the dreaded two-goal lead. So you gotta go for that third goal. And they didn’t.

Was that Therrien’s call? Or the players’? If I was Marc Bergevin right now, I’d like to know the answer to that question. Because that decision has likely ended the team’s season.

Bad calls, bad luck, whatever. It’s 3-1 Ottawa and if that’s the case, it’s cos they’ve been the better team. If you ask me, the biggest factor here has been the coaching. Paul MacLean has out-coached Therrien. He did it again tonight.

Look, on paper, Montreal is the better team. And that better team is going back to Montreal facing elimination. So who you gonna blame?

This is a heartbreaker. One of the toughest losses for Habs fans in a couple of decades. I’m just devastated. Gobsmacked. Effed. I even used the F word on Twitter.

You know what this proves? Life is not fair. Maybe you knew that already. Well I didn’t.

So I’m furious with the bad calls, upset about the injuries to our team but mostly I’m just totally and utterly depressed.

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