Do I take my Price car-flag down?

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Don’t worry, I’m keeping it for the duration of the Habs playoff run and I will not be speculating this morning as to how long that will last.

But I do need to throw in a word about Carey Price this morning. I was so busy last night talking about the Habs’ failed thuggery in that humiliating 6-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators that I didn’t have a chance to discuss young Mr. Price.

That was the most goals ever scored against him in a playoff game and he looked bad on at least half the goals. No the loss wasn’t his fault. That was a team effort. But he simply has to be a lot better than that if this team is going anywhere. We’re three games in and he’s looked good in one of those games.

Just saying.

Yes the Canadiens defense left him out to dry on most of the goals but he has to make the big saves at the big moment the way Anderson has been doing since game one. Michel Therrien didn’t talk about Price after Sunday’s game but if he had, he’d have to say the same thing he said after game one – Anderson was the better goalie.

Not good.

Look. There is a big Price debate on right now. Jack Todd sums it up quite nicely in his column. There is just no agreement between the two camps. He’s either the saviour or the guy who’s holding the franchise back from glory.

I don’t think he’s either. He’s most certainly not the Dryden/Roy/Plante hero but he also hasn’t ever had a great team in front of him. But I’m tired of people blinding defending Price and suggesting us critics are putting too much pressure on him. He’s a big boy. Heck he’s a big boy who’s paid millions of dollars. Gainey coddled him for years and that’s part of the problem.

Those days are gone. Which is why Price has to be amazing Tuesday night. No pressure. Just steal the game Carey.


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