Habs head to Ottawa with all the momentum (or why I love Ryan White)

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ryan White

Ryan White

Patrick Roy got it right on L’Antichambre.

“Carey Price va à Ottawa avec le momentum,” said the last goalie to lead the Canadiens to a Stanley Cup.

The whole team heads to the nation’s capital – or make that Kanata – with all the momentum on their side after winning 3-1 Friday at the Bell Centre. All day, all I heard was dark talk from Habs fans. Price was weak in the first defeat. Oh my God, Eller, Pacioretty and Gionta are out. Life is over as we know it.

Then the chatter stopped and a hockey game broke out. And who would’ve thunk it. The Senators sleepwalked through game two and Montreal generally looked amazing.

And I’m not afraid to say it – Carey Price had a very good game. He lost teeth, made huge saves and only let in one goal.

But mostly I just loved the fact that tonight Ryan White decided it was just the right time to play his best game ever in a Habs uniform. He laid on big hits, scored a beautiful goal, the first of the night, which brought the Habs to life, and then ended the game with style yapping at Guillaume Latendresse, with The Tenderness looking visibly irritated. (Am I the only one who just has this instinctive distaste for The Tender One?)

It was a character game. Price dealt with his demons, Michael Ryder actually scored (for the first time since Newfoundland joined Canada), and Brendan Gallagher showed the same character he’s shown every time he’s taken to the ice in the past year.

And what a great way to end a great night, with coach Michel Therrien taking a few nice shots at The Walrus (aka Senators coach Paul MacLean).

Many – with good reason – were upset by MacLean’s comments Thursday night’s after Sens D-man Eric Gryba’s ugly hit on Lars Eller, which left the Hab lying in a pool of blood on the ice. MacLean basically laid all the blame on Habs defenseman Raphael Diaz for making a suicide pass to Eller just before the hit.

“The player I would be mad at is 61 (Diaz),” said MacLean. “That’s a dangerous place to be.”

Like he doesn’t know who Diaz is after spending several days preparing for the Habs series!

Prust was not amused.

“We don’t really care what that bug-eyed fat walrus has to say,” Prust said at practice Friday morning.

Therrien said MacLean’s comments rubbed him the wrong way.

“It was not about the hit….it was the comment,” said Therrien in his post-game press conference Friday. “When I saw the comment, I was pretty upset.”

Then he got off a good shot at The Walrus, when talking about how Diaz had another good game Friday.

“And No. 61, by the way, is Raphael Diaz, in case sometimes they don’t know.”

Did you get that Mr. MacLean? Want us to spell the name for you? Classic.

Tonight it’s the Habs making the jokes not the bug-eyed walrus.


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