Jay Baruchel and Marc-Andre Grondin weigh in on this year’s Habs

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Jay Baruchel, Marc-Andre Grondin and the Stanley Cup. Top Shelf photo by Brendan Kelly.

Jay Baruchel, Marc-Andre Grondin and the Stanley Cup. Top Shelf photo by Brendan Kelly.

Montreal actors Jay Baruchel and Marc-Andre Grondin are both dyed-in-the-wool Habs fans and during a recent private meeting with the Stanely Cup (?!?), they talked to me about how they were feeling about the 2013 Canadiens. They’re liking things a little more this year compared to last season’s apocalyptic, psychotic train wreck of a season. Just a wee bit!!!!

“(Marc) Bergevin saved the f—ing pride of Montreal,” says Grondin, whose movies include C.R.A.Z.Y., Goon and L’homme qui rit.

“Our team has a voice,” chimes in Baruchel, who co-wrote and stars in salty hockey laugher Goon. “Our team had no voice last year. What were the Habs? They didn’t make any kind of statement. This team has a character. You know it’s them. They play their hockey.”

This conversation was taking place about two weeks ago, just as the Habs were messing up big-time most every night, so I couldn’t resist throwing this one out (as my Daybreak pals will appreciate!).

And how do you guys feel now that the wheels have come off the bus?

“I believe they’re getting their willies out,” says Baruchel.

Baruchel talked of the importance of the loss of Alexei Emelin and Brandon Prust, the latter who wasn’t playing when we spoke.

“Without some of those boys, we’re back to being the softest team in the league,” says Baruchel.

“If I have a criticism of Bergevin it’s that he could’ve been a bit more aggressive on trade-deadline day,” adds Baruchel. “We could’ve picked up a rent-a-player or two.”

But you have to admit the turnaround from last year is pretty unbelievable, I suggest, and Grondin agrees, singling out the play of our two star rookies.

“This franchise will go forward with (Brendan) Gallagher and (Alex) Galchenyuk,” says Grondin.

Baruchel waxes poetic about young Mr. Gallagher.

“He’s been constantly underestimated his whole career. (They say) he’s too small. But I’d like him to play one shift without someone cross-checking him in the back of the head. I’m sick of that.”

I have a feature on Baruchel, Grondin and the Stanley Cup that will be on the Gazette web site later Monday and in the paper Tuesday.

– Brendan



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